Huckabee – Romney's a Big Fat Spender

As droves of people waiting in weaving lines around the interior of Borders Books and Music in Pier Park, Mike Huckabee slowly made his way through “torrential” rain in his tour bus on Highway 98.  Adorned with a huge image of himself, Huck’s bus sported his colors of blue and yellow. Team Huck is promoting his new book, Do the Right Thing.

I haven’t actually read the book, but a review I read described that it was more of what not to do, specifically using Mitt Romney’s expensive campaign to non-nomination.

All that perceived profligacy and ineptitude appears to delight Huckabee to no end and few pages in the book pass without a mention of ‘ol Mitt’s mistakes. In fact, Romney appears more in “Do the Right Thing” than any person except Huckabee himself, according to the book’s own index, and about 99.9 percent of Romney’s appearances ain’t pretty, of course.Jason George

Many came with their already-owned books, many others purchased the book that night.  Some were supporters, others still were just there to see a previous (and possible future) presidential candidate.

The buzz was great and the energy high with representatives from all the major local news stations.

Mike was accompanied by two others wearing Team Huck colared shirts that resembled the uniform of a race team.

The book is out, I probably won’t read it, but you can.  Do the Right Thing is available at Borders Books and Music.

Enjoy the pictures of the event!

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