TDC Meeting – Klages, Sea Oats, JBInc, New Board

Bed tax numbers were reported to be up for October, but no percentages or numbers were provided.

Lisa Armbruster presented the preliminary plans for the Sea Oat Planting and Sand Fencing project and encouraged public comment.  The goal is to implement this plan next year after turtle nesting season, and Lisa advised that the funding is already in place.

After a presentation from Walter Klages that emphasized a need to increase international visibility, the board voted to follow staff’s recomendation and approve the contract for the current year including the extra money to start doing occupancy and rate studies.

The board voted to approve the Memo of Understanding with Jennifer Barbee Inc. under the assumption that they could renogotiate the stipulation requiring 1/3 of the budget to be deposited in advance with her firm.  The board agreed they would like no more than 1/6 of the budget to be deposited in advance with JBInc.  It was discussed that Jennifer Barbee Inc has been working on the new spring break site even without a contract.  Andy expressed his concern that $95k was too much for a web site, but the board seemed to disagree.

New officers will be chosen in January and another 6 months was added to all the board member’s term.  Originally, the 2 year appointments were to end in June 2009, but now they will end in January 2010.  I though this was a decision to be made by the County Commission/PCB City Council. ??

The New Year’s Even Ball Drop being held at Pier Park is sponsored by the CVB and will include an 8 foot ball dropped 145 feet from a crane.  Board members are unsure whether, at this point, it will be allowed to smash into the ground on top of a car.

Oh, and don’t forget the special meeting called on the Bed Tax issue on the 17th of December.  I’ll add it to the calendar on the side.

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