TDC to Discuss Bed Tax Increase on Wednesday – Agenda

Wednesday, the Tourist Development Council will discuss the possible bed tax increase.  

The TDC will hear a presentation from Marty McDaniel, the chairman of the Revenue Enhancement Committee and Peter Yesawich from YPartnerhship. 

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You can download the agenda here, or view it below:


Special Called Meeting



Bay County Tourist Development Council

Panama City Beach Convention &Visitors Bureau, Inc.

Panama City Beach

Wednesday, December 17, 2008                         1:00 p.m.               Council Room, PCB City Hall

I.               CALL MEETING TO ORDER

II.              ROLL CALL

A.    Invocation

B.    Pledge of Allegiance




A.    Presentation of the Recommendations from the Revenue Enhancement Committee, Mr. Marty McDaniel, Chairman, Revenue Enhancement Committee

1.     Presentation of the Trends and Status of Destination Marketing, Mr. Peter Yesawich, YPartnership

2.     Presentation of Capital Projects, Mr. Dan Rowe, President

B.    Presentation by Mexico Beach Community Development Council, Mrs. Lynn Marshall, President





4 thoughts on “TDC to Discuss Bed Tax Increase on Wednesday – Agenda

  1. As an out of state property owner, we do not need more taxes. Not being eligible for homestead exemption, we are already paying more than our fair share. With more enforcement of current rates and accountability, much could be done. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure who rents and doesn’t pay tax. That is money already due TDC, so why not collect it first?? Why should owners who do pay their taxes subsidize those who do not?? We are already decreasing our rental rates for 2009 just to compete with all the new properties. Where did all that new money from those new condos go???? Increasing taxes is NOT THE ANSWER!!!


  2. I certainly agree with HP. We are in the same position. If you will look at some of the websites that advertise Vacation Rentals, you will see where the majority show the tax separately, for the vacationer to pay. Vacationers don’t care for it but have gotten used to it. Can we afford to do something else to keep tourists and investors away?


  3. The problem with the bed tax is that there are a lot of people who rent on Vacation Rental Sites that don’t pay the bed tax they collect. When I have asked the Tax Office, they said they didn’t have the manpower to check.

    We as property owners need to report these people.


  4. Jim,

    I had the same experience. I was given the same excuse when I called the City and complained over a year ago. Its very tough to swallow a tax increase when you know the current tax money is not being collected properly.

    This bed tax is being pushed by Marty McDaniel who is on the TDC and is the president of a rental management company, Oaseas. Marty has nothing to lose and all to gain by pushing for a bed tax increase.

    First of all, the TDC is going to avoid having to make hard decisions about their budget. Secondly, Marty’s company, Oaseas, would most likely see an increase in rentals due to an increase in the TDC’s advertisement budget without his company having to pay for the tax increase. I’m positive this increase will not be seen by Marty’s rental management company because it will be passed onto the people on Oaseas’ rental management company.

    Everyone these days is finding ways to make hard decisions about their budgets based on the realization that we are in a major recession. Instead of The TDC increasing the bed tax, they should be looking at ways to more efficiently spend the money they are already getting. I’m sure if they took a hard look, the TDC would be able to adjust their existing budget to avoid the tax increase.

    If the bed tax does increase, I can already see the form letter Marty’s company, Oaseas, will be sending out to the people on its rental management company. “I know these are tough times, but we are forced to increase our management fees by 2% due to an increase in the PCB bed tax.” What everyone is talking about these days is “Transparency”, if I’m wrong Marty, please set me straight.

    The TDC should not take the easy way out by increasing taxes but rather it should use the current economic times as incentive to be more efficient with the taxes the its currently receiving.



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