I see sunshine on a cloudy day


This morning I awoke to a dark and dreary day.  With complete cloud cover the rain poored, suplimenting the watering my sprinkler was giving my lawn.  With windshield wipers blading the water off windshields cars hummed down the street with their lights on.

The last couple of days have been nothing short of fantastic here in Panama City Beach.  Weather like we’ve had the past couple of days serve as a clear reminder of why living here is just so great.  With humidity levels low, the sun has been out backed by the only thing that is better than a clear blue sky: a clear blue sky with defined, whispy white clouds carefully accenting particular parts of space.  The high yesterday was 75.  Awesome.

_mg_0631_2Last night a front moved through during the early hours of the morning and dumped an always much needed drink of water on our lush local environ.  And yes, I just created my own word.  We got about an inch this morning. But, just around lunch time, the rain clouds went away and the sun peeked out.

I was told that we would have cold rainy weather the next couple of days, but thank goodness they were wrong; at least for now.  Currently it is 76 outside, sunny and dry.

If you live here, go outside and enjoy this weather.  Many should be so lucky.

One thought on “I see sunshine on a cloudy day

  1. Amen to that! I just sent you an article of why we miss Florida, with a picture. This ice storm in the midwest has been a mean one. Enjoy your weather guys! You could be stuck here!


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