More than a Sport, It's a Movement


PrintPCB Sand Sports in partnership with the legendary Sharkys Restaurant and Tiki Bar along with Towne of Seahaven are preparing to add Beach Tennis and Beach Volleyball to their menu for FUN. The first partnership will begin with a “first ever” healthy Spring Break program for college students who visit the beach March 1st-18th with an introduction and “team challenge” to College vs. College competition. Beach Tennis is essentially doubles tennis played sand. Played on regulation beach volleyball court, and using regulation tennis racquets and a slightly depressurized tennis ball, players volley for points without letting the ball touch the sand.

Beach Tennis is easy to learn and most newcomers to the game can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes. Played at its highest pro level, however it is a fast-paced, intensely competitive game that delivers an amazing workout, even for hardcore athletes.

021909_sand_tennis_logo_smBeach Tennis USA and PCB Sand Sports will be at the beach offering training, along with Pros from Tampa to provide coaching with play leading up to a final tournament challenge on Thursdays each week to give the students something fun to maintain their goal to meet each other and play.

In 2009 Beach Tennis USA will be enlisting the services of students around the country to serve as BTUSA University Directors, who will serve as “brand ambassadors” at their schools and help promote the growth of beach tennis through intramural programs.

Panama City Beach will be the first “event” promoting this concept.  Approach to the colleges and is expected to continue to grow with one of the “hottest” new sports in America to foster further events and competition leading into a healthier approach to Spring Break for college students and families who visit our area.

Sharkys will maintain two permanent nets for Beach Tennis and will continue to partner with PCB Sand Sports to develop programming for leagues, tournaments and events
to lead into family spring break and summer. For more information contact

7 thoughts on “More than a Sport, It's a Movement

  1. Anyone who loves the sport of beach tennis, lives in the Sarasota area, and wishes to play may feel free to come out to Siesta Beach on any Saturday afternoon. We have a great group and are open to new members. If you have an interest contact me at


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