Airport Construction Update – Terminal 18% Complete

Contract 1: Heavy Civil and Airfield Lighting
Approximately 80% of the contract work is complete with only 54% of the contract time used.

  • 90% of the 15” concrete paving lanes have been placed on 8,400 linear feet of Runway 16-34.
  • On Taxiway D and main terminal apron, all lime rock base and the first lift of asphalt paving is in place with the 2nd of four lifts going down this week.
  • The centerline cans on the runway are approximately 36% complete.
  • The lighting cans in the Touch-down zone are approximately 55% complete.
  • Paving will begin this week on the General Aviation Access road.
  • 150 pieces of heavy equipment are in operation at any one time with approximately 200 personnel on site for the heavy civil and utilities contracts.

Contract 2:  Terminal Building, ATCT and Support Buildings
Approximately 18% of contract work is complete with 22.6% of contract time utilized.

Concrete pouring complete for Level 2 Area A. Shoring of Level 2 Areas B and C continues

Air Traffic Control Tower:
Cutting of auger cast piles to design length is complete. Forming for the pile cap has started.

Air Maintenance Facility:
Forming for pit walls continues.

Air Cargo Facility:
Continuing the installation of the pre-engineered metal building.

Public Safety Building:
Rough-in of the plumbing continues.

Rental Car Facility:
Installation of underground facilities continues.

The average man power on site for Contract 2 per day is 95 people based on a five day work week.

Contract 3:  Utility Contract
Approximately 8% of contract work is complete with 11% of contract time utilized.

Main Access Road:
3W2” Power Distribution Duct Bank is 36% complete.
Street light duct work is 50% complete.

Joyner Road:
24” directional bore is complete.
24” water main is 36% complete.

GA Access Road:
30” water main is 9% complete.

Lift Station:
Wet Well is installed.


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