Breakers get Drunk, Trash Our Beaches


The Tourist Development Council was appalled Tuesday at their regularly scheduled board meeting by the pictures of trash all along our beaches taken a mere 24 hours before.  Andy Phillips rode about a 5 mile stretch Sunday and Monday cataloging how the College Spring Break crowd values our beaches. I was appalled as well, but not surprised.

Same argument, different year.  I hear you businesses that rely on these numbers, but I just can’t help but be disgusted at how they completely disregard our environment.  What’s that you say?  A few bad apples don’t ruin the whole bushell?  Well, it’s more than just a few, and they may not ruin our beach, but it sure is nasty, nasty indeed.

The TDC members were disgusted too.

As Phillips flipped through the slideshow, you could hear audience members ghasp.  Some of the pictures were simply unreal in the concentration of the trash.  Our white sand was peppered with the likes of blue, white and red beer cans, boxes and bottles.

One TDC member, Mike Bennett said “trash is good, it means there are people on our beaches.”  Good point, Mike, but trash on our beaches is never good.  If there is this much out there, then someone isn’t doing their job.

Kirk Lancaster, from was in attendance with 10 college kids from Michigan who care enough about the environment to actually spend their spring break time on the beach handing out plastic bags and picking up after their drunken peers.  Brianna Drake shared in the meeting that she had expected to clean up a mess, but didn’t expect it to be this bad.  One of the other things she was surprised to find was a complete lack of any sort of “keep the beach clean” marketing campaign.  She expressed that the absence of such marketing probably reinforces to the college kids that they can just drop their trash where they please and that it will be cleaned up for them to use the beach again the next day.  This is the wrong message and we have to be proactive in informing that we expect nothing less of visitors to our beach to clean up after themselves and put trash in its place.

Of course, this is all fine and dandy, but if the cans are overflowing, where are they supposed to put their empty cans and boxes?  The TDC moved to immediately place an additional 400 blue trash receptacles along the beach, almost doubling the number along our shores.  This will help, but isn’t enough.  Also discussed was creating “stations” at each beach access that had basic information on keeping the beach clean and a trash bag dispenser that would be replenished daily, or as needed.  These would also be placed at resorts with the bags supplied for the resorts to replenish.

Brianna explained that many of the breakers her crew encountered were more than willing to take plastic bags and use them.

Discussed also was fining resorts and hotels if they didn’t keep their stretch of the beach clean.  “The Hiltons do a great job of keeping their beach clean at the Holiday Inn,” said Phillips, “everyday by 6 pm, when all the spring breakers are gone, their beach is clean.”  Most of the other “hot-spots” are still filthy.  The Holiday Inn has their own crews out all day doing maintenance clean-ups and does a final sweep in the evening.

Yonnie Patronis said in every high traffic beach he has visited around the world, there has always been crews throughout the day cleaning up the beach.  “This isn’t just something we can do once a week, or even once a day, we’ve got to have someone out there all the time.”

Whatever the solution is, we’ve got to pump some more money into this.  This isn’t a year ’round problem, it is concentrated during the spring break period, the highest traffic period being only two weeks long.

The motion was made and approved to increase the funding to the beach maintenance program from $150k to $250k and use the increase to add the additional 400 barrels, draft a proposal for a keep the beach clean campaign, notify properties that they are launching a new initiative and need cooperation, and begin an awareness campaign on the beach.

In other news from the meeting, the TDC is quite unhappy with YPartnership and their seemingly inability to create a “wow” campaign.  Two months ago, I attended a Marketing Committee meeting and it was as if the Agency showed up to guide us to create the ideas.  I was astonished at how little they had brought to the table.

39 thoughts on “Breakers get Drunk, Trash Our Beaches

  1. Believe me I’ve seen the beach behind Spinnaker’s the next morning. The littering is definately not limited to those who are intoxicated.


  2. Seriously, how could they be surprised? This happens EVERY year, and it gets worse every year. The TDC should know what is taking place on our beaches and how the Spring Break crowd behaves and treats our beaches (and rental properties). These are the tourists they are spending money marketing to. Do they have their heads in the sand, or are they just pretending to be ignorant?


  3. Every board member who voted to spend money marketing college spring break should be “appalled” at themselves concerning this trash problem. The board causes it by trying to make college spring break bigger than is has to be. The board, city, and county also cause it by not requiring the villages and stages that set up on the sand to provide their own garbage clean-up plan.

    Every year, the excessive number of college spring breakers results in our beaches being trashed. And every year, most of the college spring break oriented businesses earning the windfall profits do nothing to clean up the beaches behind their properties. But the board seems to forget about this problem every year when they go out of their way to encourage this disruptive tourist group.

    PCB is merely getting what it pays for – trash.


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  4. Can anyone provide a report on how the Sharkeys/Seahaven/Bennett complex is doing at keeping the beach behind their properties clean this year?


  5. How can you be surprised at this behavior? It happens in every community. In our own condo complex in PCB we find garbage bags discarded 100 ft from the trash dumpster. The parents give it to the kids to ‘take out the trash’ and they can’t be bothered to go that last 100 feet and toss it into the bushes.

    The kids are slobs because their parents dropped the ball. Perhaps the grandparents didn’t pass on good values to their kids and in turn they didn’t pass them on to their own kids. In our complex the info in the trash bags led back to the actual owner, and when confronted by the maintance man they just didn’t care.

    The hotel/resort owners and business people along the beach want the kids to come and spend money. So long as PCB is a place for the kids to go on Spring Break there will be trash. It isn’t going to change. If you want kids and their money you get their trash.


  6. How about all the beach-oriented businesses, hotels, condos, and vacation rental property owners become self-proactive and work together to create a non-government community cleaning fund. Each could legally pledge to donate a percentage of their revenue to the fund or pay annual dues.

    Cleaning up the exterior mess caused by your patrons is a cost of doing business. Unfortunately, the tourists which generate the income also result in trash on the beach and roadways, which are public property.

    Be a responsible member of the community and you will earn the respect of the people who live here.


  7. How about the PCB Business owners and TDC make a decision to stop marketing PCB as a spring break attraction for college kids. Trust me, if the money that goes into spring break marketing goes into promoting PCB as an upscale resort destination (particularly with the new airport coming in), the tourists (who have more money to spend than the spring break kids) will pour in.

    Just watch and see how much money is spent during the Seabreeze Jazz Festival by the “adults” who come to PCB.

    The TDC needs to look at the bigger picture. Why on earth does PCB want to be known as a GIRLS GONE WILD destination.

    We the property owners who paid good money for our condos do not want the trashy people or their trash.

    Enough is enough. It’s sickening to read Jason’s post.


  8. Question: How can TDC support Pier Park, upscale developments & promote Spring Break drunk/ drug users? Answer: You cannot successfully do both!


  9. One very important thing to take from yesterday’s TDC meeting: it is CLEAR the board is leaning toward stopping TDC funding of ANY spring break marketing programs (other than what they’re supposed to be doing during peak seasons: providing clean and safe beaches).

    Didn’t you get that feeling, Jason? I think they’re progress is slow, but I think I’m seeing progress.

    Here’s the best case scenario, and I see it coming to fruition:

    1. The TDC doesn’t spend a dime with an MTV or an ad campaign for Spring Break.

    2. To the pleasure of Bay County’s economy, the Spring Breakers will continue to come in droves.

    3. Businesses have already developed private advertising and marketing alliances. The smartest business people on the beach have realized they can’t depend on, nor do they need, the support of the TDC to market their businesses.

    4. We are getting together as a community in a single mission to have clean, safe beaches, 365 days a year, for visitors and locals who are in college, out of college, never attended college, love dogs, hate dogs, ride a harley, hate harleys, are in moped gangs, get drunk, don’t get drunk, like to judge, know better than to judge, like to run, like to swim, like to bike, like to do all three, enjoy fishing, enjoy eating fish, like pretty bridges, cheer for softball, swoon at sunsets in PCB..


  10. Maybe the TDC could use some of their resources to promote a daily morning (AM Trash Pickup) contest and award prizes to these breakers who clean up the most bags of trash. Play into the hands of these teens who will do almost anything for a t-shirt (even if it says USE THE CAN!).


  11. This community will never be able to pursue a single mission. As long as the almighty dollar is the prime goal, we will fail as a community.

    I wish we could just try to focus on the core values that are the foundation of every nice, average American town. Maybe more people will want to come here if it doesn’t seem like we’re just trying to extract money from them. It seems desperate.


  12. A contest for cleaning up the beach is a great idea. It was also suggested during the TDC Board discussion that some kind of recycling/refund stations be set up for students to collect and turn in cans. Someone just has to step up and execute.

    If we could make the beaches of Bay County clean and safe, our image and standard of living would improve. Public cleanliness and safety might not be all the core values needed for a solid foundation, but they should certainly be two of them. Throw in complete law enforcement on the public beaches, and we are a nice, average American town. With one little difference: the most beautiful beach most people within a ten-state radius will ever set foot on.

    This beach will continue to attract all walks of life, with or without the TDC, with or without you and me, and it’s our job as a community to get together for one mission to accomplish clean and safe beaches for all of us.

    A big shout out to all the other GREAT kids visiting our beaches and helping in some way:


  13. I agree that being clean and safe are two of the hallmarks of a nice town. I also agree that our image would be vastly improved, especially if we could get rid of the blighted buildings. Law enforcement is also a key part of it.

    However, this is where I unfortunately have to disagree with Kirk. It is my opinion that this town will never be able to work together on a single mission as long as the prime goal of the mission is about extracting money from tourists.

    Think back to what influential people were saying about Spring Break when they were trying to get condo developments off the ground. We’ll what are they saying now that the condo market isn’t so good. Now Spring Break and all the other rotten apples we invite down here are great. Why – money.

    Core values should never change. This is the problem with trying to be all things to all people. It makes you comprimise your principles.

    Finally, let’s stop the b.s. about being the world’s most beautiful beaches. There are much nicer beaches all over the world. We just make ourselves sound like idiots when we make this ridiculus claim. Our beach is very nice, but there are nice beaches all around us. Our neighbors have the exact same beach and they respect it a heck of alot more than we do.


  14. The spring break reputation of Panama City Beach reduces the potential value of condos and other real estate here. PCB is known as the place where college kids get drunk, block the roads and create scenes that no parent wants their kids to view. It is also still known as the Redneck Riviera and a low-cost, blue-collar destination. Those ingredients do not entice wealthy individuals to visit. They do not entice middle-class residents to visit from their homes outside of the 5-8 hour drive time traditional PCB markets. To do that, PCB has to significantly reduce college spring break exposure and bring in some events that are less traditional blue collar. If all that’s here is country music, motorcycles and drunks, PCB will never become upscale, regardless of the airport improvemetns or the mid-value Pier Park stores (both of which are great additions and the right direction).


  15. There is some lack of information in the trash story that is important.There is presently a trash pick-up plus raking/grooming contract in place.The contract has been increasing staedily w/o any more spring breakers than 7 yrs ago when the contract was 1st let to the same contractor.A major portion of the garbage is at club sites who don’t pay a bed tax.Anything wrong with this picture. The last contract was let in 2006 to the existing contractor for approx. $400,000 a year-it was voted within 4 mos to give an additional $43,000/yr due to the dump site–it is now going to $700,000 and really nothing has changed from the original bid.Just how much is being paid and who is doing oversight on the contractor? Perhaps it should be rebid vs just throwing money at it due to 2 or 3 wks of known spring break trash
    The barrels should have been in place when the breakers get here and crews added with a known surge in trash.


  16. hang on a sec. I just know someone is gonna slam me for this one. Anyways it is my opinion.

    I was out on the beach this Sunday and Monday. I walked on the beach at several different public access ways. I am not accusing anyone of anything but those pictures look like isolated incidents. Or atleast localized to specific places. I saw several largish groups of spring breakers at a few areas and around those groups… yes… there was quite a bit of trash. I hate to say this but someone is really shoveling some dung if they are trying to tell you the entire beach scene looks like this. I don’t see it. Those areas were not all that big and yes it might require some manpower to clean it up. Then again… I guess it is possible that the areas of the beach I visited just were not as bad. Nope… Don’t see it. Will have to take the time to do a another walk around to various places on the beach again this Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

    As stated before, the city has a contract with a company to provide trash services and apparently the price has almost doubled in 7 years. One would think the service might have gone up just a little if the price has gone up as much as it has. Maybe the contract should be performance driven though bonuses or other such means. Also, do we not have laws against littering? Can’t Beach Patrol (yes, I understand they are limited in personnel and assets) write each person in a group found to be littering a ticket? I am not so knowledgeable in the areas of the Patrol and such so please pardon me for asking what some may think as obvious questions in this juncture.

    There are not near as many spring breakers as there was 5 years ago coming to our little town. I base this on the amount of traffic I saw in last 5 years during Spring Break Season. Saying it has remained the same needs to go back in time to WalMart on the beach 4 or 5 years ago when the Spring Breakers were standing in line 20 deep at almost every single register in the store. Last year Walmart was lucky to get it 5 or more deep in the register lines with less than one third of the registers open from what I saw. This is based on personal observation and I might have just not hit Walmart at the exact time necessary to see the longer lines. Kinda doubt it though as much as I go there.

    Each year I hear the businesses wondering where the sales have gone and wondering if they are going to make their profit. You either want the profit or you don’t. Its only gotten worse in the past 5 years since the (Right) crowd starting running off the spring breakers. Hate to tell ya this but that is what was keeping our city profitable. Build your Fancy Airport, Run the Spring Breakers out, try to bring in the “Family” business… in the end I really hope it doesn’t hurt us but I find it hard to see the light after watching the number of vacationers coming here appear to decline judging by the amount of traffic and listening to others talk these past 5 years. (please note this is personal observation, not relying on figures from a census or anything… just the way it appears to me from traffic flow, and number of people I see around the beach and such.)


  17. John, you are right, the entire beach DOES NOT look like this. These are isolated areas behind popular hotels, condos and clubs. Forgive me if I came across otherwise. None of this was intended to be portrayed as the whole beach.

    The point is that there are areas that get trashed and there needs to be a better system in place to keep it all clean.


  18. OK here goes….

    PCB does have the MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES, and I have been on most beaches everywhere and chose to BUY and hopefully retire here.

    These trash pits are ISOLATED incidents; there is NO WAY any trash service provider could pick up that much trash on the whole beach.

    and FINALLY, I own my condo on the WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH regardless of a few weeks that cater to teens just being teens on Spring Break BLOWING money my way and I DO listen to and love country music (I wish I could have been there yesterday for Kenny C or at least Jason could have been ‘on the roof’…

    The 6-figure income may make condo ownership (even in a downturn of cyclical economics) and shopping at Pier Park possible; however my values and principles are real humble and true. This ‘Redneck Riviera’ is just perfect MOST of the year and I’ll continue to make the 5 1/2 hour drive and enjoy Panama City Beach every chance I get. I’ll call her HOME one day and enjoy everyday on the beach!

    SORRY for the vent!!!


  19. The first time I was in PC/PCB was spring break in 1965 when I an a fellow dorm resident at Chipola (then Junior) College took a Greyhound bus to PCB and then out to the beach for a long weekend.

    I guess we were not slobs back in those days. Times have changed and not for the better.

    Let’s crack down on people tossing litter on the beach. A cop seen to be writing littering tickets will get their attention. Hire some off duty cops for those trouble spots and start writing!

    B Harris, PCB condo owner


  20. I understand that many residents and visitors are fine with PCB remaining the “Redneck Riviera”. However, we have a problem with excess capacity of residential real estate and tourist accommodations that needs to be absorbed for this community to survive. There just are not enough potential buyers and tourists who are interested in living in or visiting the “Redneck Riviera”. Having beautiful beaches just isn’t enough.


  21. Trying to figure out how to keep trash picked up during spring break is like trying to collect water with a seive. I am usually a glass half full kinda gal. But as long as students have the blatant disregard for other people’s property, public property and the like, I guarantee you won’t keep up with the trash. I’d bet most of these kids were not raised to treat their parents’ homes like this, but I also bet their rooms and dorm rooms DO look like this. Call it rebellion, call them slobs…I call it barberic. A handful of kids with trash bags is nice, but it’s a bandaid on a broken leg. Figure out how to avoid the broken leg for Pete’s sake. In the meantime, no-tolerance disciplinary actions have to be provided until this disgusting trend is remedied.


  22. I agree that more cans will help the problem, but the question of, “if the cans are overflowing, where are they supposed to put their empty cans and boxes?” does not make me any more sympathetic to the slob cause. If you brought the cans and boxes down to the beach, you can haul them back off again. They’re not heavier than when you arrived, they’re lighter. Put your empty beer cans back in the case and put them in the nearest trash can, even if it means putting them back into your car and throwing them away at home.


  23. I live near the Hathaway Bridge and have heard the steady sound of ambulances going to and from the beach this week. Terrible things are happening to our young people out there. Date rape drugs, overdoses, alcohol poisoning, shooting, falling, garbage, etc. You have to go out there yourself to understand how out of control it gets. We are attracting all kinds of unsavory people who prey on these youths. This has got to stop.


  24. A staewide deposit on bottles and cans would be very helpful. It is done in many states with great results. Our governor has said it is too difficult but if it’s successful elsewhere it can work here also. Doing the difficult is what Americans are all about.


  25. We have a condo at the west end of Front Beach Rd. and everytime we are there, we pick up trash on our morning walks. It is astonishing how much trash there is at all times of the year. I see police patrolling the beaches, but they don’t seem to be enforcing trash pickup.


  26. What problem ?
    Just leave the trash there until the end of Spring Break.
    The kids will finally get
    disgusted, leave, and not come back.
    Problem solved.


  27. ok, ok,
    you don’t like the idea of just leaving the trash.

    Start a “Your Momma Doesn’t Live Here” campaign.

    Hire and give some folks shirts
    to wear with:

    “Your Momma” on the front
    “Doesn’t Live Here
    (Panama City Beach
    Spring Break 2009)” on the back.

    Let them hand out trash bags with the same logo.
    4 full bags = one t-shirt


  28. To Wag the Dog — You are suggesting an offensive sexist campaign. Women aren’t responsible for picking up after their children any more than men are responsible for picking up after their children. Please think about your comments before you post. I like your intentions but not your specific words.


  29. Maybe I’m confused here but why should people have to pay to clean up after Spring Breakers. They should learn to be responsible enough to clean up after themselves. What ever happened to littering fines. Maybe it’s just that I’m new to the area and am unaware of the happenings, but here’s an idea.

    There need to be more law enforcement officials citing rowdy, unruly students. There is littering all over PCB, even by locals, underage drinking happening everywhere I look, and I personally know of a school bus that was flashed by a group of girls. If we are so desperate for additional funding, why are we turning a blind eye to the problems? Start throwing tickets around and it should hopefully make people start to think twice about doing certain activities. Plus, just think of all the additional money it could bring in. Drive through Wyoming! If you have an out of state license plate and are going even just 5mph over, you’ll get a ticket! They have the right idea. (I’ve gotten 2 tickets in Wyoming for 5 over and have only driven through twice).


  30. I disagree with those who are saying the trash and generally “trashiness” of spring breakers is isolated. Our property is on the far west end of PCB and while I didn’t have (too) many problems with crowds or even with the kids who were down on our end, our beach was seriously trashed and I was subjected to viewing behavior that was appalling (and yes, I loved to party as much as anyone back in the day so I know whereof I speak!). And all this is at the least populated end of the beach!!

    I am mortified on behalf of the TDC and other “adults” who can not or will not see the long term harm that endorsing Spring Break and the type of behavior it brings does to this wonderful area.

    Already I have seen several stories on the national news re:PCB Spring Break that have made me cringe. We should all know that there is not a positive marketing campaign in the world that sticks in the mind of the general public as well as few well-chosen negative stories and pictures. The TDC needs to keep this PR 101 fact in mind when throwing money at ad campaigns.


  31. First of all, I don’t live or own property in PCB. I just enjoy coming to PCB. Just an outsider looking in, it would seem to me that the beaches outside the developments or business should be policed and kept clean as a responsibility of the property owners.

    If I owned a “bar”, I would have my own bouncers and security to keep trouble down. I would also have my staff keep the place clean and orderly. I would think the properties themselves should do the same for the public beaches in back of their facilities or face very stiff fines or even possibly a lock on their front door.

    If I owned a condo in a facility that allowed “Spring Break” activities, then I would think the HOA would collect an amount to be available for making sure the grounds and beaches were always kept clean, neat and orderly with proper security procedures when needed. And the bars, nightclubs and other businesses that cater to the “Spring Breakers” should do the same. It should be their responsibility… not the taxpayers.

    If the “dollar” burden was on the condo owners and businesses that make money from “Spring Breakers”, decisions about the level they participate could possibly be a little different.

    I would think that to keep the beaches clean and beautiful, the policing by the PCB government entity should be a matter of levying fines (or worse if necessary) to the property owners or to whoever has deeded rights to use that beach.

    So… If there was a concert set-up on the beach (or a helicopter stunt show…etc), it seems to me that it should be the responsibility of the event promoters to make sure the beach is kept clean and orderly and that security and safety procedures are being followed, or face the consequences.

    I don’t know, I may be totally wrong here, but it just seems to me that there should be some simple rules to follow if you want to play ball. So, you either play by the rules or you get fined. If it happens again, you get thrown out of the game. If you ever get back to where you can play again and it happens yet another time, you are banned from ever playing again.

    I may be over simplifying what can be done, but I think if it was my beach, I’d want some much better rules followed or they don’t use it at all.


  32. Mike,
    Great analysis. Unfortunately, so many business and property owners in PCB have an obsession with current cash flow that prevents them from seeing the long-term damage they are causing. They want the quick buck they make from college spring break, but then expect the government to take care of the problems. In addition to garbage, they also expect the government to deal with their lack of business during the rest of the year when there is no one for them to rip off. When anyone suggests that they should deal with their own problems, they make unsubstantiated claims that college spring break is vital to the entire local economy. PCB could be such a better place if there wasn’t so much short-sightedness.


  33. Our Grandkids are the same way. When a rule is put before them, they gripe. But if we take away a privilege if they don’t abide by the rule, they usually tend to obey the rule. One of the biggest problems we have in the US, I think, is people not taking responsibility for their own actions.

    If they want the beach and deeded rights to use it, they need to take some ownership responsibilities as well. Not 100%, but their part. From what I read, the local government (through taxation) is trying to make sure they are providing the service of beach cleaning and grooming (and I agree that it sounds like they might need to monitor the contractor’s obligations closer). But when the owners, or the owner’s guests use the beach, they should also have the responsibility of keeping it clean. And if they have, or sponsor and event, on the beach, it should be part of the agreement that keeping the beach clean and safe is part of the package.

    If I rent a condo, go to the beach and leave a mess, I’m sure the landlord will hear about it. It’s because there are consequences. It should be the same, no matter if it’s spring break or not. The same goes with businesses and bars. They would not let this happen in June, would they? Why? Because they will face consequences.

    I’m done… I just wanted to inject my thoughts about the problem… which it is. This would not go on without consequences anywhere else I can think of. And since I don’t live in PCB, it really doesn’t matter, except that I hate to see it happen at any beach, anywhere in the world.


  34. I do not live in PCB but I have an interest. My son drowned there in 1995 because no one would go out into the water and save him from a rip current. If they are spending $250,000 on cleaning up the beach how about spending $250,000 on lifeguards that will go into the water and save people who are drowning.


  35. Is there a law in Bay County or Panama City Beach that prohibits littering? If so, why don’t we have authorities in these areas collecting fines for littering? If not, why not?


  36. Yes, I believe we have laws that prevent littering. However, we supposidly do not have enough authorities to enforce these laws just like we supposidly do not have enough authorities to enforce our drinking laws. It seems clear that our college spring break visitors know this very well. My opinion is that we should not invite tourists unless we plan on hiring enough law enforcement required to enforce our laws.


  37. First of all “A BIG HURRAY” for the girls from Michigan who were picking up the trash. That is how we do it here in Michigan. We keep the beaches clean and trash free by everyone pitching in and picking up litter. Anyone littering in Michigan gets a big fine. Our police and beach patrols see to that and do a good job. We don’t turn a blind eye for a little revenue. Somehow it keeps our streets and beaches clean. We also have a bottle and can deposit. I know it is a pain to return cans and bottles but if it’s money, somebody will be picking them up.


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