New Waterpark to Come to Panama City Beach


Well, this isn’t exactly breaking news, but I read the other day that a new waterpark may be coming to Panama City Beach.  WMBB broke the story day before yesterday.

At the intersection of Clara and Front Beach Road, a new waterpark is being planned.  The owners, Sterling, purchased the property in 2005.

The original article can be found here.

I was talking to a friend over lunch yesterday who had heard some “back-door” meetings and said that it will be more of an water-attraction, rather than a water-park.  It is unclear at this point whether this new attraction will be real competition to the Shipwreck Island Waterpark just a half mile away.

Although I love Shipwreck Island, it will be very nice to see another attraction come into the area, this is sorely needed to supliment what we have.  Nothing breeds advancement like alittle competition.

13 thoughts on “New Waterpark to Come to Panama City Beach

  1. Panama is the southernmost country of Central America and, in turn, North America. Situated on an isthmus connecting North and South America, some categorize it as a transcontinental nation. It is bordered by Costa Rica to the northwest, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Its size is 75,000 km² with an estimated population of 3,300,000. Its capital is Panama City.


  2. I was told i would soon be getting the plans on a water park to bid on. I was told it would be a wave park, where you can actually surf. I was told this company has a couple of these parks already.


  3. met the guy opening the wave pool and he’s going to be on middle beach across from tony romas. i think the sign is there now, flowrider?? said it would be inside a steel building and be able to be open yearround, for body surfing , boogieboarding or the like. more attrctions, especially yearround, may help give people a reason to come in the offseason…still like the idea of making the mardi gras parade the centerpiece of a 2,3, or 4 day celebration here. not too much else to build on in jan. & feb.


  4. I definitely love low prices, but the daily admission at Shipwreck Island is already considerably less than some of the other Florida water parks. I would hate to see a price war that results in us having two vacant, closed water parks.

    What PCB really needs is an indoor water park to attract off-season tourists.


  5. Everyone here is wrong. I actually was eating dinner about 3 or 4 mo ago next to three guys and they apparently were partners in the new water park being built. They were discussing plans to open up a flow rider in their park. So looks like there will be two flowriders. Apparently these individuals were keeping someone in the investment out of the loop. Also, the name “Claire Peezed” (couldn’t exactly make the name out)was mentioned a few times. My friend also works for the property mngmnt company for a large condo complex in PCB and she confirmed what I heard. So something shady is going on!!


  6. Two flowriders? I think the first one is dead. They took down the sign and it’s been sitting there half done for over a year.


    1. I think the Flowrider you’re talking about is in the Miracle Strip Loop plaza – and it does appear to be dead. There has been no movement there for a long time and they did just take the sign down within the last 45 days.

      The other waterpark, the one this article is referring to, is on the Grand Panama Property. If you ask them, it’s still coming, but again, no forward movement has happened with this. A discussion with Buddy, the GM of Shipwreck Island the other day, gave me no reason to believe Shipwreck was still feeling threatened by this.


  7. Sign is def gone. Drove by today. My friend at the property managment company gave me the scoop. She told me last night that both will be lucky to get off the ground. Her friend is actually on the board and there is some internal issues with the investors. Not only that but I did some research on the property of the original flowrider and came back to that woman named Claire Pease. Go figure. Now, how is she in involved with both?? This might explain what I heard at Olive Garden that night. I can’t believe all that work was put into the first one only to have the whole thing scrapped. I’m sure the BP oil spill didn’t help matters either. I certainly do hope that someone filed that claim


  8. Clair is one of the developers/managers of Grand Panama (hence the involvement with the waterpark there) and as far as the Flowrider on MS loop, I am pretty sure that’s where she once had her office for her development & construction company “Pease and Associates”, so she may have either sold the land, developed it (which I remember making a construction site sign for her there on the property), or both.

    Clair is a very busy woman, and a great one too!

    Good read on Clair can be found here:


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