Flo Rida, NERD Rocked the House, Crowd More Tame

After the Lil Wayne show last week organizers came away with valuable experience on how to handle “big” names in our little beach town.  I thought it was pretty crazy, but didn’t realize the chaos that was actually unfolding all day – I guess that was one of the reason the media was kicked out.  If last week’s show was a cat 3 hurricane, yesterday was a tropical depression.  Of course, the turnout wasn’t quite as hefty either.  Good show guys, good show.

Unfortunately I was unable to make the finals for the USA Rock Paper Scissors (otherwise known as USARPS) competition, but one lucky (or strategically cunning, ‘eh Matti?) college student walked away with a hefty $20,000 check payable to his college tuition.  He’s a mechanical engineering student at Syracuse, so he needs the money.  Congratulations “Naco”.  More on USARPS later.

NERD rocked the house.  The lyrics weren’t exactly kid-friendly, but the music was actually quite awesome.  They played with two drummers who were both amazing and refused to shy away at showing off their talent.  Being a drummer at heart that hasn’t played in years, I still love a great drum solo.  Maybe one day I’ll own a set again.

There weren’t as many in attendance, but I would say that thousands were still there.  I think I was the only press allowed in – I feel special.

Encouraged by the performers, the audience practiced copious amounts of crowd surfing and were egged on to create a mash pit.  The energy was high and the crowd seemed to jump with every beat.  Most everyone was college age, but I saw a few younger and older – some with parents.

As I was heading up to the roof, I asked a friend that works for Boardwalk, “So, where’s Flo’s tour bus,” remembering the craziness getting Lil Wayne from his bus to the stage.  “No buses are allowed on property.  He was escorted in earlier quietly to prevent pandemonium.”  I asked where he was, her reply: “I can’t even tell you, Jason.”  I thought I was special.

Flo Rida was on time, right on time, actually.  Of course, I think his maturity as a performer was evident.  He was professional at getting the crowd hyped often joining the crowd at their level and at one point offering to give away his diamond cross necklace, “. . . diamonds are a lady’s best friend,” he said.  I didn’t see him actually give the necklace away, I’m sure that would have been greatly discouraged as it was probably worth tens of thousands of dollars.  I think we would have surely seen a mash pit then.

On this particular sunny day, the sand was warm, and the water was warmer than last week, although it was still a brisk 68 degrees.  But, the air temp was close to 80, but in the sweaty crowd, it felt like 90.

I took a couple hundred pictures, here are the best 40-something.  If you aren’t following us on Twitter, you missed some great live updates.  Follow us now so you can keep up with all the live action in the future.  Plus, you can keep up with what we are doing throughout the day and be notified of new posts.

2 thoughts on “Flo Rida, NERD Rocked the House, Crowd More Tame

  1. Hope you enjoyed all the concerts. Unless some restraint is shown on booking quality acts, free concerts are over!


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