Hot Dog Story – Do What You Do and Change for No One


Okay, I know there is so much talk about all the awful things that people see happening in our world. Lucky for me I DO NOT  buy into that.  There will always be challenges and struggles and while this one seems to be very daunting I have learned that those that find the bright spots and DO NOT operate out of fear end up on the top and better yet they enjoy getting there.

Please go to this link and read this incredible hot dog story that just might convince you to just keep on doing those things that you know work.  I have always loved this story and it is quite relevant today.  Do not give in to the negative small minded thinking and talking that we hear so much of. Most of us have more than we need and plenty that we could be sharing with others.

I am so grateful to all of you that have made my life so bright and always filled with promise.  I decided a long time ago to align myself with people that were looking for the possibilities rather than the problems.  I have been writing gratitude list since I was 10 years of age and it has never failed that my life is so filled with more goodness than not.

Thanks to all of you and go read that story and share it with others…. lets the spread the good stuff.   I believe the world needs a shot of happy stuff and I am just the girl to deliver it.

Remember my get even list, it is really long…. “The only people we need to get even with are those that have helped us”

with overflowing gratitude,

Karen Key Smith

4 thoughts on “Hot Dog Story – Do What You Do and Change for No One

  1. Excellent and uplifting post Karen! Coincidentally, I just watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “The Power Of Intention” last night, which really ties in with what you are saying here. Good thoughts and actions do cultivate more of the same, we must choose what type of world we want to help foster.


  2. Hey Lou,
    I love that guy, he is one of the people that I read quite often. I do not know why but I developed a positive outlook at a young age and when I see someone negative coming my way I run for the hills.
    I am excited about all the new things that we are doing on Panama City beach. The great thing about rough times is it brings out all the brightest and best in people. When you use your imagination all manner of things are possible.

    Leaving you with this that I love… Wernher von Braun said, “I have learned to use the word ‘impossible’ with the greatest caution.”

    greatest of gratitude for my beach and those that live here,


  3. GREAT ARTICLE Karen! If everyone on the beach, or anywhere else for that matter, would adopt this philosophy, everyones business would be better. It is as simple as just making sure your customer is happy. We will get through this recession/depression, and the good WILL SURVIVE! Donald Trump once said, “Some things work because you don’t know that they are impossible.” Thank you again Karen and Thank you “hotdog man”!


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