5 Questions for Bed Tax Collectors

Not for BTCs to answer, but to ask the CVB.

1. We are in the second year of conducting professional marketing research through the Klages Group. Where can we easily access that information?  Have the staff put together any kind of comprehensive results from this research?  We need to know this so we can better spend our own advertising dollars.

2. What is the cost to date for this research from the Klages Group?

3. In the spring of 2009, Jennifer Barbee implemented proper Search Marketing into the CVB site, data started being gathered that can help us today with our own online marketing. Assuming that we’re all equally benefiting from the TDC tax dollars, we should have real-time access to web stats. We should be able to access the CVB’s Google Analytics reports so we can compare them to our own reports, and likewise for Google Adwords and any other search engine marketing reports attached to the CVB’s efforts.

How do we get access to these common Google reports, as well as your more advanced measurement reports?

4. The extra tax passed. It has been confirmed at the recent TDC meeting that the new money would be going to the ad campaigns. Where can we access the full marketing, advertising and budgeting plans for this year?

5. Spring Break 2009 campaign included several new marketing tactics, including implementation of social network sites Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and text messages via a “PCB Insider” campaign. Facebook shows a respectable 5900 “friends” of PCB/CVB.  How many people signed up for “PCB Insiders”? What was the overall result of our first “texting” campaign? What could you share with us about the results of the efforts in social network marketing? And what was the cost per lead for the efforts in this initial campaign?

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