FREE Rare Beer at Hofbrau Beer Garden Friday

051109_premium_lager_perfectFriday Hofbrau Beer Garden will be giving away a whole keg of rare Premium Unfiltered Lager.  Yes, that’s the name, and if you are a German Beer fan, you know the name well.  You also know that this beer is imported from Germany in a very limited supply and usually only supplied to bonafide Hofbrauhaus’.  However, the owners made some calls and were able to score 6 barrels that they’ve been saving for the locals.

So, let me reiterate.  Hofbrau Beer Garden in Pier Park in Panama City Beach has 6 barrels of Premium Unfiltered Lager imported in limited supply from Germany, and they are giving 1 of their 6 barrels away for free Friday night.  They received these barrels a few weeks back and wanted to save them for the locals.  The other 6 barrels are expected to go quickly Friday night as well.

Premium Unfiltered Lager is described by Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas as a unique, rare and creative beer that lets beer drinkers enjoy the rich taste of hops.  It’s a German-style beer that dates back to at least the Middle Ages. It is matured unbunged (the beer is exposed) in deep vaults. The final product is a smooth, naturally cloudy beer that is rich in vitamins from the yeast with a crisp taste of hops. Premium Unfiltered lager is best served between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is said that Bavarians have been drinking this particular beer for 400 years.

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