125 Condos SOLD at Auction – $66/SQUARE FOOT

Arriving shortly after 11 am, I was later than most as the seats were filling up and the line was growing longer at the registration table.  Bidders were checking in and the day was perfect for an auction, Island Reserve Condos were ripe for the picking and the deals were sure to be sweet.

Having been to plenty of auctions, I was skeptical of this one as I had witnessed first hand the developer shutting the doors when the crowd wasn’t bidding what he thought they were worth.  Everyone I was talking to said the sweet spot for them would have to be around $50 to $75 per square foot, or they wouldn’t be interested in purchasing.  Out of the responses we had from our feature on The Beach Show, we had a half dozen or so that were considering registering, but decided against it.  They didn’t think the developer or bank would let them go that cheap.  Well, they were wrong.  They sold 125 condos, most falling in the $66 to $75 per square foot range.

*Note: the bold italicized excerpts are from the live updates I was doing onsite Saturday.   I figured it best to start with those, then add commentary.

1138: a little more than half the seats are filled right now with right around 200 registered bidders

If you walk back in time with me, Seahaven garnered 54 registered bidders, Ocean Reef brought 126 and Palazzo brought 126 registered bidders also.  200 registered bidders is a phenomenal sign that buyers are coming back in the market, but they are coming for blood.  If the deal isn’t super-sweet, then they move on.  The crowd was anticipating rock-bottom prices, they showed up, and that’s what they got.  Estimations pinned over 600 in attendance.  The chairs were filling up quick.

1223: 3 bedroom started at 150k sold for 214k

One of the most important things I believe the auction company did to keep the audience’s attention was keep the starting prices low.  By starting with realistic numbers, they kept the audience from becoming disinterested and leaving.  This also kept the crowd hyped that they may be into something cheap, real cheap.  All of the three bedroom condos were 1,761 square feet and they started the bidding process at a very modest $150,000.  They quickly had bites and worked their way up from there.  The first bidders were fighting for choice.  If they won, they could have their pick of any of the 3 bedroom condos, in the whole development.  With 52 to pick from, this brought a higher price than the later 3 bedroom condo bidding.  The first set of bidding finished off at $214,000.  After the buyer’s premium of 10%, the buyer paid $235,000 or $133.75.  I was actually surprised to see these kind of numbers being pulled.  When asked if anyone else wanted in at that price, there were no takers, back to the bidding!

1231: lady right behind me just bought 3 bedroom 3-108 for 200k. 1761 square feet. 124/ foot after buyers premium. Next bidding starting at 160k for 3 bedroom.

The next set of bidding started lower and obviously brought a lower price.  This continued to be the theme, as the afternoon temperatures went up, the prices began to progressively decrease.  I suppose the winning bidders of these earlier auctions can justify their purchase by getting first choice, but I think I would have waited a bit to see how it would pan out.

1236: just sold unit 6-111, 3 bedroom for 172k – before premium.

Just 13 minutes after the 3 bedrooms were selling for $133 per square foot, the audience was only willing to pay $107 per square foot after buyer’s premium.  That’s $2 off per minute.  Of course, it should be noted at this point that after prices were determined here, the auctioneers would ask if anyone else wanted to buy at this price, and they would sell them until the demand went away.  The lower the price fell, the more the demand grew after each set of bidding.  I don’t have a full list of what sold Saturday yet.

1239: just sold 3 bedroom for 160k unit # 6-314. All three bedroom condos are 1761 square feet. 99/foot after premium. Starting to sell 2 bedroom condos

3 minutes later the prices dropped another $8 per foot.  At this point they had sold several three bedroom condos, quite possibly the majority, but I lost track very early on, so I decided to stick to the live updates.

1245: first 2 bedroom sold for 125k. All 2 bedrooms are 1325 sf. This sold for 103/foot after buyers premium. Unit # 6-103.  Also 5-101 sold for 117k.

When the two bedroom condos started being auctioned off, the response from the crowd grew immediately.  There was clearly a greater demand for this size option.  The sold price per square foot seemed to pick up where the 3 bedrooms left off, coming in at $103/foot.  These are beautiful 1,325 square feet 2 bedroom 2 bath condos selling for $137,499 after the buyers premium.  At this point, we were 45 minutes into the auction and the prices had come down $30 a foot, I was anxious to see how the day would pan out.

1251: 2 bedroom unit number 7-301 sold for 100k before buyers premium, that’s $83/foot after premium.

The price just kept falling.  A guy next to me asked if I thought he should get in on the action.  I kindly advised him to wait, the prices had been continually falling.  He was glad he waited.

0109: hit a sweet spot on price, a frenzy has begun. People are practically arguing over what they are getting. One guy said he’d take what was left at this price.

Roughly an hour after the auction began, the auctioneers found the tipping point.  As soon as the auctioneer yelled “SOLD,” the crowd began to form at the front of the tent.  I was sitting in the front row, and was practically crowded out.  I quickly moved to the side as Cebo scrambled to capture the action with his camera.  There was arguing, lots of it, and enough tension to make my brow break into a sweat.  I was having trouble typing on my blackberry, I was getting nervous, and I wasn’t even registered to bid – but I should have been, Island Reserve is awesome, but at this price, it was phenomenal.

So, I know you are dying to know – what was the sweet spot?  $77,000 for a 1,325 two bedroom condo in Island Reserve, before buyers premium.  That comes up to $64 per square foot after the buyers premium.  Hoards of people rushed to the front, and on more than one occasion I heard someone say they would buy the rest of what was left at that price.  At this price, there’s almost no way you couldn’t cash flow it, regardless how you rented it out.  If you had the money, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be all over this.

0124: so much of a frenzy, they started the bidding again for the 2 bedrooms. Now selling the last 5 available absolute for 87k before buyers premium

They shut the selling down and took the rest back to the auction block.  They were able to squeeze just a little more out of the price. They were sold out of the absolute allotment of the 2 bedroom condos within minutes with the rest selling at $95,700 after premium or $72 per square foot – again, all the two bedroom condos are 1,325 square feet.

0138: 1 bedroom unit #3-105 sold for 73k before buyers premium that’s 74/foot after buyers premium. Next bid is at 66k right now and . . . Sold for 70k. Guy’s buying 8. The one bedrooms being sold are 1071 square feet

They moved on to the one bedroom condos, and the prices stayed about the same, maintaining the mid-$70’s per square foot.  There were a total of 15 available absolute, all of which were 1,071 square feet.  Again, I don’t have the full list yet, but I believe all of these were sold, and quickly.  For the rest of the auction, there was a consistent number of bidders standing at the front to be sure they didn’t miss out on the action.

I think the deal of the day was the one four bedroom 3,019 square foot townhome with a two car garage that sold for $200,000.  That’s a townhome twice the size as my home with tons of great amenities at the new owner’s finger tips.

All-in-all, I think most of the buyers made out very good.  This was a property that needed to sell at rock-bottom in order for it to happen, and the bank and developer let it go for what the market would bring.  I’m sure it hurt, but they made the right choice.  This is not a time to be picky, if you have a buyer, you’ve got to do everything you can to keep them, or someone else will do what they can to take them from you.

I was talking to one of the auction organizers in the beginning, asking if the bank needed to approve anything for it to close.  I was told that Roebuck, the developer and the bank have been all working together from the beginning and everyone was aware that the prices were going to be low.  I was told that no one would have a problem closing and each buyer was guaranteed a clean and clear title.

This was the first big auction I can remember Roebuck doing in this area since the Faircloth auction, and I think they did a stellar job.  Great show.

13 thoughts on “125 Condos SOLD at Auction – $66/SQUARE FOOT

  1. Jason,
    You are right it was very exciting and Roebuck did a great job. I think the way they handled it may bring a little more respect for the auction industry. I hope everyone enjoys their new spot and has great rental potential.
    And don’t forget to include your favorite Realtor to advise you out there because as a buyer it cost you NOTHING it is good free advise from someone who wants what is best for you.
    Great reporting Jason.


  2. Looks like some bought the condos to flip. Sure glad I wasn’t in on the first bids, the last bids brought the prices of the first ones “sold”..down real quick. Looks like some still paid too much considering the price of what you can get a gulf front 2 bedroom condo for right now and and even better prices to come on gulf front units within this next 12 months. just wait and see.


  3. Jason,
    Although the auction itself went smoothly, I must tell you, as a resident of Island Reserve, prior to the auction, that I was not impressed with the manner in which Roebuck has essenitally taken over Island Reserve. They have sent in a team of people to “handle things” prior to the auction. They unlocked ALL of the units that were up for auction, handed perspective buyers copies of floor plan, maps and turned them loose in our development. I don’t agree with this practice, as I can see potential problems with just allowing people to freely roam a property the size of Island Reserve. I had a neighbor on the ground floor who had buyers wander into her occupied unit. They also velcroed “Sold” signs on all doors that were not available. There was no regard for homeowners who do not want “Sold” signs attached to their doors. Also, a resident, the Roebuck folks were rude toward us. They possessed a sense of entitlement that is only magnified by the stellar comments that are posted here. As for myself, I do not feel Roebuck did a great job. Yes, they got the units auctioned off, which I commend, but their respect and consideration of the current residents is severly lacking.


  4. Thanks for the continued stellar reporting at pcbdaily.com.

    For us out-of-towners, where is Island Reserve located?


  5. Suggest you do a follow up report in 30 days, the deadline for closing units bought at auction. Check circuit court records to determine how many actually sold and the price. I saw two of the high bidders back out and walk away after subsequent bids came in lower. More importantly, see if the guy with the big hat actually bought any units or was just there for the bank and developer to stop the bleeding. When prices became painful to the seller, he would step in and say he was taking the rest of the units. By my count, that means he should be closing on 50 to 60 units. If half the alleged 125 sales actually close, I will be very surprised.


  6. Ditto on the comment about checking to see how many actually close.

    Double ditto on gulffront available in this price range,
    or at least much closer.

    And as someone who was “planted” in the audience to bid on property I already owned, at an auction years ago, triple-ditto on the suspicious bidder.

    This place is a ways back from the beach. I was in town during the open house the prior week but decided it was not worth going to, even with snacks.


  7. Wow I guess I am naive…. do they really plant people in the audience??? Is it even legal to plant someone? I would imagine that the honest reputable companies would not do that???

    I guess a lot of what people buy is in their buying personality and what is important to them. For me I am a beach kid so I only want to be on beach front but that may not be important to others. The people that bought the 2/2’s can rent them as long term rentals especially if they are affordable since that is a need here on the beach.

    I think the best advise is to research and compare it to the whole market and get councel from a Realtor that you trust. They are not going to try to sell you just any ole property they want you to get what will work for YOU!!! AS a Realtor I feel very confident in my skills but I am greatly lacking in auction knowledge so this is an eye opener to get comments from auction participants and get the various views.


  8. Absolutely! It is illegal to plant bidders in the audience and I can assure, that did not happen at this sale, or any other conducted by this company. I know several people at this company and they are very reputable and conduct their business in a professional manner.

    And for the guy that siad he was a “planted bidder” on his own property….that should tell you what kind of person he is!


  9. Earl,
    That was my thought as well!!!! I happen to know some of the people in that company and they are people of great integrity.

    My husband has a saying that he says that is , “How you do anything is how you do everything” So our honesty and integrity should be obvious is all that we do.
    Blessings to your day!!!!


  10. Guess what folks…I suppose I’m the guy with the “big hat” …far from being a plant, I bid on behalf of a very serious investor who will be closing on his 30+ units in about 10 days. Paperwork has been signed and large deposit posted…and the hat is a Greg Norman special…felt it appropriate for this auction if you know what I mean…and as for the auction folks, they did a trementdous job coping with a difficult situation…the only “negative” was the frenzy when the price hit the “sweet spot” as the writer so aptly put it…but isn’t that what makes an auction sorta fun and provides some entertainment value for all the onlookers. By the way, his report is extraordinarily accurate…good show!


  11. wow, Michael. It never ceases to amaze me the reach we gain here at PCBDaily!

    Well, I’d like to be the first to congratulate you here on the purchase you helped facilitate. Those condos did indeed sell at a great price, and regardless of the location or anything else that someone could remark negatively about, Island Reserve is a great place for the money.

    Thanks for taking the time to chime in!


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