Video of Environmental Damage at New Airport Site

Having been up there, I was able to take video of the creeks and waterways that serve as the natural water run-off point for the new Panama City Airport.  Again, I was able to see no apparent damage or side-effects of any damage.  However, apparently, after the comments in the other post, I would need to be in a helicopter to observe the claimed negative effects the airport construction site is having on the environment.

6 thoughts on “Video of Environmental Damage at New Airport Site

  1. anybody with enviromental sense can see the destruction and damage. jason one doesnt need a helicopter view for this


  2. I’m no expert, but I converse with many wetlands experts regularly. In Louisiana, tubidity is of little concern to them. The greatest damage to coastal habitats is from stagnation (during periods of drought), fresh water inundation (from excessive rains), and salt water intrusion (from storm surges), none of which are controlled by man.


  3. Im no expert either, but it seems that jason says there is no “apparent” damage, which does not mean there is not damage. Obviously, a new airport will damage the surrounding environment. But its a trade off people have “apparently” decided is worth it.


  4. Hey, how about that awesome water we get from Deerpoint Lake. Did you know that there has been herbicide sprayed in it? Can’t see that either and the water treatment plant doesn’t remove it. Hmmmm, maybe what you see isn’t what you get.


    1. Deer Point Lake is a reservoir. It’s the drainage/sewage mix from the surrounding. All of our ditches run into the lake… So there is a lot more then just herbicide in it, Im sorry to tell you.

      If you want clean water goto Econfina. It’s 60 degrees year round, has constant spring supply and flows fast.


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