Dunkin Donuts Opens Wednesday


The highly anticipated maker of sweet round treats is all set to open this week as even today, excited teenagers train and eat donuts.  Dunkin Donuts on Panama City Beach has been under construction for a couple months, but “in the works for two years,” said owner, Bo Rivard.

Dunkin Donuts opens on Wedesday at 5 am serving all their donut and coffee goodness.

Located at the new Publix Shopping plaza at the intersection of R Jackson Blvd (formerly Bechrich Road) and Back Beach Road, the building is fresh and new and the donuts will be even fresher.

3 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts Opens Wednesday

  1. Finally a long time in coming, We are a frequent visitor to DD in the NorthEast and are glad DD is finally in PCB. Their products are of the highest quality and taste and their coffee is the best there is. Their ground coffee for home use is also the best. Try their Munchkins variety pack for a treat of everything.


  2. Off topic, but while we’re talking breakfast, I figured I’d ask. In the 70s and 80s, when we stayed at the Fiesta Motel, we would have breakfast at a place called “Char-Pit” which I think later became “Windjammer’s.” It was a diner type place and may have even had a counter with stools where you could sit and eat or just have a cup of coffee. Mind you, my last trip to PCB was in 1988, so my memory is a little rough, but I think it was located about a block west of Goofy Golf (possibly across from “Castle Dracula”) on the beach side of US98. Based on what I’ve seen on Google street view, I think Hooter’s now occupies the building/site. Can anyone confirm this?


  3. I’ve been waiting for this day since I moved here from NJ 5 years ago…….I waited in line for a half an hour to get an iced coffee and it was WORTH EVERY MINUTE….
    I am so happy it’s here it’s here it’s finally here!!!!!!!


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