PC Airport Construction Update – PHOTOS

The new Panama City Airport is less than 12 months from completion and the on site action is really accelerating.  With new construction milestones being made on a weekly basis, new things seem to be growing out of the ground all the time.

The main 8,400 foot runway is 100% complete with final approval still pending from the FAA on the 10,000 foot extension.  I have no idea what the hold up is, only that I’ve been told that it is expected soon (they’ve been saying that for months!).  Once the approval comes in, however, construction of the runway extension will take less than 60 days.  They are also seeding and mulching the main access road for grass.   Sand is being installed on the bottom of Pond C.

The terminal construction is making great progress with the metal framing of the exterior walls in Area A on the 1st and 2nd floor helping to define the overall shape of the building.  The roof decking in Area A, B and a portion of C are almost complete.  The excavation for the pedestrian bridge construction has begun and the fire sprinkler installation in Area A (baggage claim area) has begun as well.

The existing terminal is just over 55,000 square feet.  The new terminal more than doubles the size at 120,000 square feet with ample room for ticket counters, baggage claim, TSA offices, and offices for the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau and a business center hosted by the Bay County Chamber of Commerce.

The air traffic control tower is growing with the structure over 100 feet tall.  The final tower will rise 15 stories into the sky.

13 thoughts on “PC Airport Construction Update – PHOTOS

  1. Thanks for the update If I fly into Panama city this summer will it still be at the old airport or are some flights able to land AT the new place? thanks dude


  2. I have tried to look up info as to whether this will be an airport that will be serviced by direct flights…Im so tired of driving to Jax in order to get direct flights to Baltimore for my kids twice a year. You would think at the very least, Tally would have a more up to date airport…it is the capital after all 🙂


  3. What is the latest on low cost carriers coming to our area and the acceptance by those responsible of the need for a change in the name of the new airport? If it is to serve an area larger than just Panama City the name needs to reflect that. Emerald Coast International Airport, as has been mentioned on this blog in the past, was a good suggestion!


  4. Don,

    I never thought about that…the name does make it sound like a small regional airport doesnt it? I sure do hope the low cost carriers can come here…I remember when Southwest began service to Ft Myers; they sold out flights immediately. It would be the same here since there is NOTHING closer than New Orleans or Jax


  5. The goal is to have a couple “low-cost” airlines that will provide direct flights from larger airports in various parts of the country. Southwest has been a big airline that has been talked about a lot, although no announcement has been made on whether they will be coming we are supposed to know what low cost carrier will be here in the next 90 days.


  6. Don, I do not understand your point. The busiest airport in the world: “Hartsfield-Jackson ATLANTA International Airport.” Furthermore, why would you name an INTERNATIONAL airport (where foreigners might fly) for a local expression that they cannot find on a map? If you were flying to Holland … wouldn’t you dislike searching for the “windmill coast” airport?


  7. Thank you Jason for being on top of the latest information. …. Many travelers are making plans for next summer’s travel now and very anxious about air service to Panama City. Traditionally airlines make schedule and fare adjustments after Labor Day and New Years. It would be nice to see new paint schemes and destinations and routes through other hubs than Atlanta and Memphis.
    Personally, I like the sound of Gulf Coast International Airport, but if we get better fares, I don’t care what they call it.

    Keep up the great work!


  8. When in May of 2010….I have heard it is now opening in June. What is the opening Date of the airport and when can we start looking for flights.


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