The Secret of What Your House is NOT Worth – Revealed

Most of us Realtors face this at one time or another so I think we need to bring it out in the light. How in the world do we price the home correctly without sending the seller running screaming down the street right into the arms of another Realtor? I already told you last week that a fellow got really mad at me when I told him what I thought his house would sell for. One minute I was the bearer of information that he wanted and the next I was an enemy to be reckoned with and I suspect I am not the only Realtor who has had this experience lately.

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Median Home Prices Down 16.8%

Mortgage rates have eased slightly after their steep run up over the past three weeks. Thirty year mortgage rates now stand at 5.625% after peaking at 5.75%. Rates could have been pressured above 6% had it not been for the stalled rally on Wall Street that has seen stock prices fall modestly over the past couple of weeks. Investors are beginning to question whether the economy will pull out of the recession as soon as once thought.

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Book Launch: Power of the Penny by Elaina Redmond

We’re a little late with this one, but you still have to get out and meet writer/filmmaker Elaina Redmond.

Author Elaina Redmond is visiting Bay County, FL for a week-long Book Launch of The Power of the Penny, a new children’s book, beginning June 22nd. Redmond will share her unique inspiration about the little penny’s big purpose.  The Power of the Penny offers an introduction to Abraham Lincoln and educates children ages 6-11 on American values such as faith, kindness and honesty. Modernizing Lincoln, the book teaches the foundations America was built upon, and how a penny is a symbol for these character-defining virtues.

During a variety of weeklong events, Redmond will read from her book, share games and activities, and be accompanied by her children’s face painter.  She will listen to the children’s favorite penny stories and why they like Lincoln. Kids will have the option to be on video for YouTube and part of a new documentary on The Power of the Penny Across America. Part of every event will include a book signing and the sale of books and T-shirts.

Redmond’s goal is to go national promoting a message through The Power of the Penny: “In small ways, we can do BIG things.” Wish Boxes are being placed in local establishments throughout Bay County; visitors and customers can put a penny in the box and make a wish. The establishment will donate their Wish Box to a church, charity, or even a person of their choice. Redmond’s idea is to get as many communities within Bay County to use a Wish Box as a tool for helping one another with kindness and inspiration to make for a better tomorrow.

Events during the week of June 22-27 include (all are open to the public except where indicated):

Monday, June 22 Read to Me Event at Junior Museum of Bay County, 10:00 AM

Tuesday, June 23 Youth Program at Panama City Downtown Public Library, 10:00 AM

Book Reading at Chautauqua Charter School, 12:30 PM

Wednesday, June 24 Kid’s Day at Pier Park, 10:00 AM – Following the movie, a book-reading,

signing and sales in the grassy area by theatre

Border’s Book Signing Event (Pier Park), 2:00 PM in Children’s Section

Sundog Book Signing Event (Seaside), 4:30 PM

Thursday, June 25 Junior Museum of Bay County Summer Camp Reading, 11:00 AM

Family Book Reading on Navy Base (NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC), 1:30-3:30 PM

FSU Summer Creative Writing Workshop, 5:00-7:30 PM

(Holley Academic Center) (NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC)

Friday, June 26 Youth Program at Panama City Beach Public Library, 10:00 AM

Saturday, June 27  Meet the Expert Event at Junior Museum of Bay County, 2:00 PM

For more information contact Elaina Redmond at (310) 927-7958

Bay’s First FRLA Meeting: “PCB Unprepared.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Bay County’s newly formed branch of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, or FRLA, met for the first time at the new Palms Convention center.

A long agenda couldn’t keep the conversation from remaining on a single topic: training. Comments from the likes of Julie Hilton, Jack Bishop and Paul Wohlford all centered on the need to and the benefit of having food/alcohol and hospitality training services for beach employees. “We need a lesson in hospitality,” Mr. Bishop acknowledged, “We sometimes treat our tourists like invaders.”

Conversations weren’t just about the concierge side of things, but the need to make sure the destination as a whole is versed in things like vendor responsibility, food safety, sexual harassment awareness and more. The inevitable goal of Bay County’s FRLA branch will be to lead the county in the delegation of efforts such as training and supplying information on regulatory compliance services. This training will be key in preparing for Bay County’s anticipated tourism boost when the new airport opens. The sentiment throughout the meeting was that, as of now, Bay County is simply not prepared on a professional level to handle the possible influx of new tourists.

Discussions about the airport during the meeting spurred a constructive debate on the need to extend training to Panama City Beach’s transportation sector. Mr. Wohlford stated frankly, “We need better trained ground transportation.” He went on to say. “These are our concierge. I think it’s important that these guys [transportation sector] are trained and knowledgeable about where to stay, where to eat and so on. They are going to be the first impression on our tourists.”

The Bay County FRLA branch began creating committees that will spearhead efforts, in conjunction with the CVB and local Chambers, to make sure standardized hospitality training is available for all local businesses. This will be the first step in making Panama City Beach a better overall destination for tourists both current and future.

More: Jimmy and Johnny Patronis were elected to the Restaurateur and Hotelier hall of fame. Expect to see quite a gala for their ceremony.

CVB and PC Dive Center to Sink the Red Sea

Local Tug Boat will be the Latest Addition to a Variety of Dive Sites and Artificial Reefs off the Coast of Panama City Beach


On Wednesday, June 24, Panama City Beach will give diving enthusiasts another underwater area for exploration as local tug boat, the Red Sea, is scheduled to descend 75 ft. below the water’s surface approximately six miles off shore.

Known as the “Wreck Capital of the South,” Panama City Beach provides a great variety of dive sites. Divers have their choice of natural, historical and artificial reefs in the waters off Panama City Beach. The Red Sea joins over twenty dive sites in the area and is the first boat to be sunk in 2009 in Panama City Beach and the most recent shallow wreck site since the sinking of LCAC in 1995.


TUESDAY, June 23, 2009

2:30 p.m.

St. Andrews Marina, 3151 W 10th St Panama City, FL 32401

*In advance of tomorrow’s event, media are invited to come to St. Andrews Marina TODAY at 2:30 p.m. to preview the Red Sea prior to its final descent.


*10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Red Sea will leave St. Andrews Marina at 6:30 a.m.

* Boat designated for media and invited guests to observe and cover the sinking of the Red Sea will leave Capt. Anderson’s Marina promptly at 8:30 a.m. Space is limited. RSVP to 850-233-5070, att. Dana Lent


Target Coordinates:

30 00 98 / 85 42 20

Roughly 1 mi. South East of the old Midway site in the vicinity of the USS Strength

For additional information, contact the Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau at 850-233-5070 or Florida Aquatic & Marine at 850-872-8016

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-23

Photos from You – Look at that water!

Every week we’ll feature photos from you, the reader, of anything from crowded streets at Pier Park, to finger crabs scurrying across the beach. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, share your words with Submit your photos and share your Panama City Beach pictures.

Photos By Lori Duncan

Our Picnic Spot

Our picnic spot

Our Sunset to the West


Watchful Eyes

Watchful eyes

Shell Island Kayaks

Shell Island Kayaks