The Madness That Is Krystal Burger: A Personal Experience

img_0502There are times when a very little story can suddenly become big news. Case in point, the newly opened Krystal Burger on Hutchison Blvd: where so many cars and people gravitated you’d think they were giving away burgers for free or someone glimpsed the Virgin Mary in a chilli cheese pup.

While you may not be a fan of the tiny, tasty burgers, it has become apparent that a lot of people are. In my lifetime, I’ve never witnessed the type of spectacle I saw at Krystals. First of all, it was nearly impossible to get into the parking lot as traffic on Hutchison trying to turn in was backed up severely. Once I got into the place, I noticed one uniformed police officer managing traffic and I thought, “at the height of the tourist season you’re managing drive thru traffic at Krystal burger?” It was then that I realized he was not the only badge-wearing fellow on drive-thru detail; there were in fact four, yes four, fully-armed police officers monitoring traffic at Krystals. Stunned, was I.

img_0498After I passed the first officer, I saw that the drive-thru itself was very strange, split in two by orange cones, a route reminiscent of a line at the Disney World Magic Mountain, as it wrapped around the building twice, whipping 360 degrees just to get to that all important intercom order stop. The process proved surprisingly quick and I made the first turn, then the second, the third and reached the intercom feeling a bit like a nascar racer. I was greeted by a woman at the intercom. I told the lady I wanted 4 of those savory burgers. Her voice, delightful in a rather raucous scene, told me my total and said, “it’ll be my pleasure to serve you at the first window.” When I drove up to that first window and it slid opened, half a dozen workers in light blue shirts, still obviously new to the system, tried hurriedly to get my order out. The whole process took about twenty-minutes–twenty minutes worth of armed guards, high-traffic and an amusement park drive-thru all for a soft, flavorful bite of a burger many have ached to finally get their hands on. And as you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself, “was it at least worth it?”

The answer is a simple, contented, muffled-by-a-mouth-full-of-burger, “definitely.”

5 thoughts on “The Madness That Is Krystal Burger: A Personal Experience

  1. I will have to say…FINALLY Krystals has made its way further down south! I am planning my late vacation to PCB and this is going to be weird going to my favorite ‘mini-burger’ joint at the beach.

    Having been born & raised in East Tennessee, Krystals is an icon that dates back to my high school years (don’t ask!) and I have always wondered why it never expanded past the south! So glad that it has!!! Panama City Beach WATCH out because Krystal’s will RULE! It does here!


  2. We went as well but will not be back until they fix the parking lot problem. PCB officials have been known for a long time to “looking the other way”, but I seriously doubt that a sit down restaurant with ~12 parking spaces and that traffic flow is within codes.


  3. Seems kind of funny that I had to have more parking spaces than that for a real estate office. We all know Realtors work in the office right? LOL!


  4. Krystals AND Dunkin Donuts in Panama City Beach…after 18 years I think I can finally live here now! Cebo, I can’t believe you only got 4 krystals after a wait like that…I got a sackfull!!!


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