New Airport 65% Complete

On Tuesday, July 28th, Panama City Airport Board met to discuss current financial activities, award bids for NAV AID and exterior signage, but the topic that dominated the short meeting was the airport relocation process, specifically how close to “on schedule” work at the new site edged.

An airport construction representative with KBR said the new airport construction was 65% complete, with most the projects ahead of schedule, only a few, albeit an important few, lagged slightly behind.

Stormwater ponds are 90% complete and the utilities 63% complete Gulf Power awaiting a DEP clearance. Water and sewer is over 90% complete. The terminal is 44% complete and is currently two weeks behind schedule as well as the control tower. Cargo maintenance is ahead of schedule and the roof is nearly completed at 90%. The representative said, “Although a few projects are behind schedule we are working hard to maintain the May completion date. The building’s getting dried in…the baggage handling system will run down to the wire. But we are confident in the original commitment.”

In related news, the bid for the NAV AID package was awarded to High Power for $1,728,800 with an additional $331,000 for center line lighting. The bid for Exterior Lighting was awarded to local company, Bell Sings, for just over $691,000.

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