19 Reasons PCBDaily is Awesome

PCBDaily has been a wild ride for me over the last few years.  We’ve had our ups and downs, great comments and not so great comments and had tons of fun meeting people in the community.  We’ve grown as a company and have diversified the content we offer.  Our traffic has far exceeded any of the initial expectations we ever had when creating the site and how we do things has changed a handful of times.  But, one thing remains clear, we wouldn’t be able to keep doing any of it without our sponsors.  I will say that the actual cost of running PCBDaily is not covered by advertising revenue, but is sure does help.

Following is a list of our sponsors.  Most of them, I’ve had a long-standing relationship with.  All of them I find great value in their products or what they are offering.  I ask that you patronize these local businesses.

Jim and Ivanette Free

Again, the Free’s have been with us since the beginning.  Jim has had the exclusive Realtor spot on the newsletter since we first started offering ads on it early 2007.  Ivanette has been the number one condo selling agent in Panama City Beach for a while and is well know in the condo community for her experience and knowledge in this PCB niche.

Calypso and Sterling Breeze Rentals

Mitch Warren owns several condos on the beach.  When he first decided to start advertising with us, his comment to me was that he would gladly pay the cost of advertising just to support PCBDaily and what it does for the community, the ad was just icing on the cake.  – thanks Mitch!

Gwen Scott and Trista Paton

Gwen Scott has been advertising with us since the very beginning.  She recently added her daughter Trista to her team.  Gwen is one of the most thorough and professional Realtors I’ve ever met and she has not only been a great friend of mine, but a loyal PCBDaily advocate over the years.  She understands the real estate market and has been very successful in helping people buy and sell homes.

Edgewater Beach Resort

Edgewater has been a supporter of PCBDaily since almost the very beginning as well.  They have always maintained at least two ads with us at any given moment.  Well known in the local tourism industry as being at the center of all the family-oriented fun, Edgewater Beach Resort stays packed all season and much of the off season.  If you are looking for an awesome full service resort, this is the place.

Sandy Thompson

Sandy Thompson has not only been an advertiser of ours for almost a year now, she’s also been a friend of mine for quite some time.  She is a well accomplished Realtor and works hard to be sure her customers are happy.  Right now she’s running a special where if you list your home with her, she’ll through in a free home warranty.  That’s a huge deal for buyers.

Buffalo Wild Wings

If you are looking for wings in a sports bar atmosphere, this is the place to go.  Not to mention they are located in Pier Park, my favorite place to go.  With wing specials on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they are also offering a special right now where if you just tell your waiter or waitress that you saw their ad on pcbdaily, you’ll get $5 off any final order price of over $20.  Sweet, sweet deal.

Karen Smith

Again, a long time friend, Karen is my real estate partner in The Beach Show.  She knows the west end of Panama City Beach like no other and is well known for her voicemail that ends with “leave me a sweet message,” and her email signature that reads: The only ones we have to get even with are those that have helped us. She advertises her Hot Sheet, which has become well known to have rare deals that often don’t last long on the market.

Panama City Beach Seafood Wine and Music Festival

This is a great festival for our area and does well to not only bring people in from out of town and infuse our area with a weekend of cash, but also give us locals something to do.  I have a deal worked out with them that whoever buys advanced tickets online using promo code pcbdaily, gets a special discount.

Betsy Ann Riverboat and Airboat Adventures

Rick Ackerman, besides being a friend has a great business in recreation and entertainment.  The Betsy Ann Riverboat is truly a dining experience with themed cruises or comedy zone nights.  The price is great and the value is better.  Rick’s Airboat Adventures is unlike anything we have here providing eco-tours on a fan propelled flat-bottom air boat in West Bay.  If you haven’t experienced either, you need to now.

Hofbrau Beer Garden

Authentic German food and beer in an authentic German atmosphere.  Located in Pier Park, Hofbrau is the only German food and beer joint in the area.  With a huge local following and tourists that ensure they make it by when they are down, they’ve done well and we’re proud that they’ve continued to advertise with us.  All during the month of August, they are running $8 liters after 8pm.  I don’t drink beer, but that’s a great deal.

Miracle Strip Carousel in Pier Park

Teddy and Jenny Meeks brought it back, rescued it from the now defunct Miracle Strip Amusement Park and brought it back to life in Pier Park.  Droves of people have come out of the wood work to tell them how much they enjoy seeing the old ride alive again.  With rides for $2.5 and day passes for $5, this is sure to bring a grin to your face, and the face of your kids.

Cyber Sytes

Cyber Sytes has been the web developing authority in the area for years.  Providing services from web sites to social media creation and management, if you haven’t worked with them in the past, you’ve probably heard of them.  They are everywhere.

CitiStar Realty

CitiStar Realty is a newer advertiser of ours that focuses specifically on foreclosures in Panama City Beach.  This niche, hot market and advertising direction has yeilded them one of the highest click-through rates of all, clearly indicating how hot this segment truly is.

CitiStar Rentals

CitiStar Rentals is a newer rental company that focuses on a boutique vacation style catering to someone who wants a more personal vacation on Panama City Beach.  Located on the quite end of Panama City Beach, Thomas Drive, CitiStar Rentals has a wide selection of vacation rentals on Panama City Beach.

Panhandle Helicopters

If you’ve seen the yellow helicopter roaming up and down Panama City Beach, then you’ve see Panhandle.  They take off right over Pier Park giving people rides all up and down are white sandy beaches.  With rides starting out at as little as $30 per person, this could be a true memory for you while your here.

Counts-Oaks Resort Properties

Counts Oaks is a newer advertiser of ours and specializes in condos, beach homes, townhomes and cottages all up and down Panama City Beach.  Although they are a relatively new company, they are one of the largest property management groups in Panama City Beach.  With properties from the east end all the way to the west end, they have several check-in locations to maximize convenience.


Travel PCB is a full service vacation planning service that will ensure your time spent here maximizes the term tourist.  When you utilize their service they’ll be sure that you’ll do everything you want and everything that you don’t know you want yet.

Beach Bouncers

You’ve seen these guys out at Pier Park and most of the local festivals.  They are the ones that keep your kids happy giving them something great to bounce on and have fun.  But these guys can come out to your party or function too and they are very well priced.  I remember back when I was a kid thinking you must have to be rich to get one of these at your party, not so.  Not with Beach Bouncers. Give them a call for your party.

Brian Combs

Looking for excellent architectural advice?  Need to build anything?  Brian’s your man.  Designing anything from homes in Carillon to new decks for an existing home, he’s done it all and is here to help.  Be sure to ask him about his recession specials.

12 thoughts on “19 Reasons PCBDaily is Awesome

  1. I actually just had a comment come through that I decided not to approve because the author is too ashamed of it to name his real name. This isn’t the first time he’s had a pointless comment.

    But, I’d like to address it anyway. “Joe”, since you obviously are opposed to advertising, how would you suggest creating revenue from a site like this?

    Publishing this kind of web site, there are two ways to make money doing it, and making money is not an option since this is a full time job and incurs REAL costs, including my salary (I can’t work for free, can you?). 1.) Sell advertising. 2.) Charge a “membership” fee for readers to read the content.

    “Joe”, you obviously read the content here, since you’ve tried to comment several times. Would you be willing to pay a $5 per month fee to read the content with NO advertisements?

    That’s a good question, let’s open it up for everyone: Would you be willing to pay a nominal fee to read the content on pcbdaily with NO advertisements?


  2. I am new to this site, and really like it alot. You need to do what is best for you. If you enjoy doing this as much as myself and others enjoy reading, then charge a fee to off set your costs.


  3. I enjoy reviewing the articles on this site. I believe you are doing a great job promoting the area. Keep it up. I think the site is a great place for businesses to spend advertising dollars. I would not pay a fee to read the content.


  4. Okay this little beach chick has to jump into this one!!!! I know you think I am partial but here it goes. I get to not only read and enjoy all the great news that comes from this site I get to see first hand the heart and soul that goes into it. I want everyone to know that this is NOT a money venture for Jason. If it was he would have stopped long ago. It grew from a simple office News Letter that found a hungry readership that appreciates the honest news. I know that sometimes people may not like all that is written but be thankful for that for you can know that it is with integrity and from the heart. My business took off when I started working with Jason not only because of the advertising that is by the way soooooo affordable but because of the spirit in which we work together. There is so much enjoyment and love for the community and how great to be out there and people say I know you from Pcbdaily. Again, so much of what Jason does is not for pay and is for fun and for free. He is a great father, husband, friend and partner and is one of my biggest blessings. So keep doing the thing that you do!!! We appreciate it and love it.


  5. I love PCBDaily!!! Jason you do a fabulous job of keeping those of us who (for now) live out of town but own property on PCB. I check everyday to see what is happening there and what I am missing. I share your website with everyone who rents my condo and others who just ask me about PCB. Keep up the great work and keep on getting advertising for the site and your salary, you’re worth it!


  6. there are 21 reasons PCBDaily is awesome: #20 Jason, #21 Cebo.

    I cannot believe more Bay County businesses do not advertise here. Thank you to the 19 who do; I see your ads and realize you make this site possible for people who love Panama City Beach.


  7. dont let the negative ninny’s bring you down brother!!!

    What you have created here is a 1 of a kind website that is not only informative but a great source of education on what is going on behind the scenes that the average “Joe” wouldn’t know or find out about until after the fact. your family, friends and followers understand and know how much time and heart you invest into this website. you have an incredible list of advertising supporters and I personally cannot thank them enough for supporting my brother in his passion!!

    Keep up the great work Jason!!!

    (p.s. Thank you Cebo and Karen for being apart of the team.. y’all are amazing!!)


  8. Jason, I think you are doing a fantastic job. I think the site is fun and very informative. I look forward to “tuning in” to the site when I can, either on a daily basis or at the end of the week to catch up on what’s going on in PCB! The area is evolving and changing for the better and you are a part of that change. Keep up the great work!


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