The Magic of Inlet Beach


Tucked quietly just west of Panama City Beach, not even quite to Highway 30A, Inlet Beach is well known as the quiet beach.  Talking to a friend recently (keeping all confidentiality) she subtly disclosed that this was were the nudists once frequented.  No naked people today.

Just a few short weeks ago we featured a what-would-seem-to-be boring little house.  But it wasn’t the house that sells the area.  What sells the area is the quaintness (is that a word?).  The charm is all the undeveloped county-owned land that is well preserved, the raw dunes, the rough walk-overs, the unbelievable views over the towering dunes.

The real estate market has held over fairly well.  Property values haven’t dipped much, although demand has waned considerably.  Close to Highway 98 a series of dilapidated homes pepper the area missing the Tyvek wrapping on the first floor.  The homes were started a few years back but never finished.

– Jason

Visit for Inlet Beach SeePCB-style

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