Airport Authority Granted $4 Mil for State-of-the-Art Baggage System

IMG_1263The Panama City-Bay County International Airport Authority today announced that it has been awarded a Transportation Security Administration grant of just over $4 million dollars for a new Checked Baggage Inspection System at the new airport now under construction.

The grant will also be used for subsequent modifications needed for TSA to install an Explosive Detection system. The new airport is one of several airports to receive this system.

The state of the art security equipment is designed to enhance screening capabilities and airport safety and also facilitate customer service. Construction of the $318 million airport began in January 2008 and is scheduled to open in late May 2010.

Steve Earnest, Federal Security Director said, “This technology will strengthen security and streamline the baggage screening process.” He added, “This baggage handling system will better enable Panama City-Bay County International Airport to detect explosives and other threats while allowing for the growth of the new airport.”

What this means for you is a faster, safer and more efficient Checkin process, essentially cutting out additional lines and steps in getting you from the counter to the plane. As the representatives explained, this comprehensive system will allow patrons to give their bags at the Checkin counter, which will go through a behind the scenes screening process and out the door back to you safely and without waiting in any additional lines. The new technology will improve workplace safety for TSA employees by automating the baggage screening process, eliminating the need for passengers to walk checked baggage to a screening location and waiting for it to be cleared before proceeding to the security checkpoint. It will be the most up to date, efficient system in America.

The enhanced explosive detection technology also will provide on-screen viewing capabilities for TSA officers conducting baggage screening and reduce the number of re-scans and physical bag searches.

3 thoughts on “Airport Authority Granted $4 Mil for State-of-the-Art Baggage System

  1. That is great news!
    I hope it works well and doesn’t have the kinks in the system that Denver’s and London’s new airports experienced.


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