The New King of South Has Been Crowned


Early Tuesday morning, a milestone was reached at the New Panama City Beach – Bay County International Airport Site. The capping of the control, a significant accomplishment in airport construction, was completed with nary a hiccup.

Dozens of workers, all using video camera cell phones to capture the event, lined the fenced perimeter to take a marked occasion in a very long process. Two huge cranes on either side of the 50 ton metal frame slowly raised the cab the 150ft to the top of the control tower.

It hovered under perfect blue skies before being bolted down atop the tower to be glassed in at a later date. While the whole event lasted a half hour or so, it was simultaneously the apogee to years of work and the crowning of Northwest Florida new king. If all goes according to plan, the new airport will be one of the signature southern airports, providing vacationers easy access to the “World’s Most Beautiful Beach” as well as low cost flights for residents. Seeing the control tower in place gave the airport a sense of tangibility, an air of “this whole airport-and-panama-city-beach-transformation thing is really going to happen, huh?” The ceremony was quite a thing to behold.

I asked Jeff Dealy, KBR’s program manager for the project, how many times in my life would I get to experience an event like the capping of the control tower. He smiled and said, “Once.”

16 thoughts on “The New King of South Has Been Crowned

    1. lol. I showed my 5 year old this morning, and he said, “Dad, that’s a sad song.” doh! I certainly didn’t mean for it to come out that way. I didn’t hear that song that way, I instilled great memorable emotion in me since the first time I heard it, it was playing in my head the whole day yesterday and it really worked with the footage. It is funny how we all hear things differently.


  1. Awesome video – loved your article. I’m fascinated that PCB Daily is the only media invited – I would think that they would want everyone there. Why do you think they are keeping in so quiet?


  2. Biggest thing happening in PCB…thanks for the photos.
    Waiting to hear about the airlines that are committing to flying in/out of the new airport.


  3. Thanks, Suggestion for next rigging video; Music?? Play clip at faster speed (X4. That was like watching paint dry to prozac music. Humor!!


    1. much of it WAS sped up, like to 4,000%! I actually had no idea that it would take so long or I would have set up an additional tripod with my still camera and captured timelapse. cool, nonetheless.


  4. Thank you for the great video,my crew worked 13 hr. days for seven days straight to erect the cab and your video captured it perfectly it was a great feeling when it came over our heads and landed on the alignment pins the first try.


  5. Awesome to see! Thanks for taking video and sharing! Great to see American Steel Workers getting some of the credit they deserve! 🙂 They did an awesome job!


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