Grand Lagoon Bridge Construction Update

The new Grand Lagoon Bridge in Eastern Panama City Beach is sure to light up in activity soon.  Recently they planted new utility poles to the west of the existing bridge and moved the utility lines from the old poles adjoining the existing bridge to the new poles.  Last time I was out there (about two weeks ago) they had moved the power, but cable and phone lines had yet to be moved.  That looks like it is all complete now.


On the south side of the bridge there is a very long light-blue pipe assembly that is being joined under a tent by workers.  I can only assume that this is for the sewer line that will need to be temporarily re-run along the temporary bridge that will begin construction in the coming weeks.  Total construction time on the temporary bridge is expected to be around 90 days.  Upon completion, they’ll demolish the old bridge and start the new one.



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