Votes Are In – PCB's Best Sandwich

After all the votes were counted, one sandwich stood above all others as Panama City Beach’s number #1 sandwich. By your vote, the resounding winner isLiza’s Kitchen’s Hippy Chick, a filling, delicious panini-baked treat that if you haven’t tried yet, you’re behind the times, my friend. Here’s the low down on this tasty dish.

While the Hippy Chick may be Liza’s Kitchen’s signature and most beloved sandwich, it wasn’t the first sandwich on the menu. “When we we’re making the switch from fine dining to lunches, we spent a lot of time thinking about what sandwiches we wanted to make.” Says, Mike Meek, head chef and one of Liza’s owners. “We knew we wanted the portebello and the roast beef pimento. In fact, the sandwich we thought was going to be the most popular was the turkey brie. But it’s the Hippy Chick. By far the favorite.”

An absolutely dynamite sandwich, the Hippy Chick’s ingredients consist of a carefully chosen array of flavors; freshly made focaccia bread, goat cheese, roasted chicken, roasted red pepper, spinach and a spicy mustard made in-house. All of it is pressed together in a panini-press and heated all the way through. What you have then is perfectly seasoned meat, zesty spice and melted goat cheese to smooth the whole thing over, giving you a spicy kick in a creamy first bite.

Head over to Liza’s and have a Hippy Chick. It’s not only a tasty sandwich, it is the undisputed, BEST sandwich on Panama City Beach.

see the vote: click here

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