NEW Airport Construction Aerials Show Airport Almost Complete!

Man, we’re getting so close to landing Canyon Blue planes in Panama City.  Every time I see new aerials I’m thoroughly impressed with how far along the new Northwest Florida International Airport (actually, formally named Northwest Florida Panama City International Airport) is.  Lets get right down to it!


This shows the huge progress made on the terminal.  You can see the airtraffic control tower to the left and the main parking area in the upper left side of the image.


You can see down the length of the runway in this image.  the darker pavement to the left is the main taxiway.  To the left out of frame, there is space prepared for a parallel 10,000 foot runway that could be built in the future when demand is met.



In this image, the terminal actually is looking pretty complete.  Well, actually from the outside, it pretty much is.  I have no idea what those buildings are in the bottom right hand segment of the image.


In this image you can see one of the retention ponds.  Across the site there are several large retention ponds to help deal with run-off and run it through a series of complex filtration systems before it is circulated back into the environment.


This is looking out past the terminal area, it looks quite small in this image.  Not actually sure what that area is right in the middle of the frame, does anyone know?


7 thoughts on “NEW Airport Construction Aerials Show Airport Almost Complete!

  1. Pic “6” Buildings are you maintenance buildings, and at the far bottom right is the emergency services building.

    Pic “8” is the parking lot and bottom is you rental car area.


  2. How exciting Being currently employed at the Salt Lake City International I’m looking forward to a possible position Here at the NEW Bay County International is the runway 34L 16R?


  3. Where are the hangars located for private aircraft? My son is taking flying lessons at the old airport right now, and he says that’s one of the problems with the new airport: no general aviation area. What’s up with that? When will that portion of the new airport be ready? We have met several people who are now having to store their aircraft in places quite a drive away from PC – this whole deal just doesn’t seem very well thought out.


  4. Julie, the general aviation area is still being prepared and finished. There is actually quite a bit more general aviation area at the new airport than there was/is at the old airport.

    The GA area will be complete sometime by mid summer, I’m told. Until then, the GA area at the existing airport will remain.


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