Miracle Strip at Pier Park Now More Than Words

By now we’ve all heard the talk or felt the excitement about Miracle Strip reopening at Pier Park. Up until a few weeks ago, the speculation has proven to be little more than a variance approval, concepts and lots and lots of rumors. In mid December, the Miracle Strip at Pier Park facebook fan page, here if you want to be a fan, announced a completion and opening in March 2010 and, honestly, I was skeptical until a recent visit proved the announced date worthy of all the excitement. Many of the old rides have already been restored and are in the installation process. Ticket prices and annual passes have been set and, as you can imagine, the buzz for preceding the opening is startling.

The progress is so exciting, it almost makes me forget that it is opening during March, better known as Spring Break, the only time of the year that most locals don’t want to go. Still, I for one, will definitely be in line, come April maybe May, to catch a ride on what parts of my youth I thought would never be rebuilt.

18 thoughts on “Miracle Strip at Pier Park Now More Than Words

    1. Welcome to the USA… where any moron can speak his mind. Hooray for Pier Park bringing back Miracle Strip and the Kids and parents alike.


  1. I think its great. It just adds so much color to the whole Pier Park experience without the bigger rides from the other end of the beach. Yahoo!


  2. I have heard some buzz about this, and I think it’s fabulous! Panama City Beach needs more than shopping and restaurants to attract tourist dollars. And we certainly don’t want our new airport to sit idle! Furthermore, as a local, I look forward to having something to do besides going to the beach. I only have three wishes; 1. Please have at least 2 fast rides. 2. Please offer locals a good discount. 3. Please keep the rides open in the off season. This is a humbe plea from a long time local. Here’s hoping my wishes are granted!


  3. I had written about this on FaceBook about a year ago, that a family amusement park would be a positive idea to attract families visiting the beaches. There were a lot of pros and cons about starting up an amusement park on the beach. Though there will not be a Roller Coaster (costs run about $20 Million). Having the older rides will bring back memories for those who used to ride them back when they were young.


    1. Plus, the thing that is great is that Teddy (the owner) is doing a complete restoration on everything, including new paint, etc. It’s less about the thrills and more about just having something small for the kids to do.

      This will bring back true charm and has so far been VERY well received.


  4. Thanks Jason. We are going to do our best to live up to everyone’s expectations. Yes, we will begin small (just as the original MSAP did) and grow in a measured and profitable manner. Pier Park (Simon) will also be monitering our performance as well as customer feedback. Bascially, the better we perform the more rides/attractions we will have in the future.

    Our vision/goal is to emulate the Santa Monica Pier Park outside of LA…. maximum fun in minimal space. Also, we will keep all rides, games and entertainment with a retro feel and a family friendly atmosphere. We’ve got some really cool landscape features planned as well.

    Hope to see everyone at Miracle Strip @ Pier Park with Spring/Summer.

    Teddy Meeks


  5. We are excited about this..its family oriented, and yes we do have the nostalgic side. BAHUMBUG to the sour puss..he will probably go anyway..lol!.For us it was a wonderful time full of memories, of which there will be more to come. Thank you, Kim Gates


  6. I can’t wait! I wonder if they could mix it up a bit and add the Dumbo ride from the old Petticoat Junction. That was always the ride my kids wanted to go on. It always had a line.


  7. I don’t care if I’m 50 years old before they build a rollercoaster at Pier Park/Miracle Strip! I’m just happy to know it’s a possibility! So I shall wait patiently for new thrills in our little town. Thanks for giving me hope!!!


  8. I personally agree with Donna. My sister and I loved MIRACLE STRIP and when they took it away we felt as if we lost a part of our home. So to see what we call a friend to come back is a Wonderful Idea!! Just like Donna said, Please make it just as fun for the old as for the young. Have rides for all ages. Teens need a place to go so in hopes to keep them off the streets and maybe even away from drugs. Locals most def. need the local discount and the rides open year round thing I beleive is AWESOME. Personally the beach needs to have stuff year round for job openings and winter festivities.

    I love that this is going into effect.


  9. I just wish that the original Miracle Strip would have never been razed. The land was to be used for a high-rise condo (imagine that) –but to my knowledge that development never developed. Is the land still vacant @ 12000 FBR?


  10. this is going to be a very good experience for the kids that missed maricle strip i know i missed it so this is going to be good for me and my little sis i also want to know what time does it open like 11:00 or 10:00 or what we r going to go tommow i can not wait


  11. They should have left the Miracle Strip alone. Condos already robbed PCB of everything else we all loved. You can actually ride beside the ocean,and not even see the water in parts,thanks to these hugh buildings. Thanks to MTV s spring break. They have pretty much destroyed the best beach area,in Florida. And then they shut down Miracle Strip. At least my Kids got to go once or twice,where i grew up. But,if you all remember.There is a Wal-Mart,where Petticoat Junction,used to be.


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