Florida’s Panhandle is one of Frommer’s Top 12 Destinations of 2010

Some people will have already heard of Frommer’s, but for those not in the know, Frommer’s is a guidebook series and one of the bestselling travel guides in America. It all began back in 1957 with the publication of Arthur Frommer’s book, Europe on $5 a Day. Since then, Frommer’s has expanded to include over 350 guidebooks across 14 series, as well as other media including the award winning Frommers.com website which covers over 3,500 destinations.

So, when Frommer’s announced on December 1st, 2009 that the Florida Panhandle was ranked among its top 12 worldwide destinations for 2010, this was a tremendous recognition, and one that should guarantee a huge boost in tourism to our area in the coming months. Our fabulous area is no stranger to awards of course, but this particular list of fellow contenders is impressive, as we’re up there with Hawaii’s Big Island, Melbourne in Australia, and even Paris, France.  It’s no wonder – Panama City Beach and Florida’s Panhandle boasts picture-perfect beaches, world-class shopping, dining and entertainment, and is more accessible and affordable than ever. We offer a unique vacation destination in that Panama City and the Panhandle of Florida is home to beaches that rival any of the more exotic locales, yet the area is also bursting with family-friendly attractions, cost-effective accommodations, and a down-home attitude.

The actual article by Lesley Abravanel on the Frommer’s website reads as follows:

“Like the Rodney Dangerfield of the American Southeast, Florida’s panhandle never gets the respect it deserves. Dubbed the “Redneck Riviera” by dismissive northerners, northwest Florida, in fact, contains some of the most diverse recreation choices along Florida’s drastically under-appreciated Gulf coast, and some of the best options for visitors seeking an affordable family vacation. From Destin to the west, where you can hire a fishing or sailing charter, to the smattering of National Seashores as you move east, there’s really something for everyone. Seaside’s planned community is so “perfect” it was the setting for the The Truman Show, yet you’ll also find old-school Florida towns with funky shops, tiny hotels, pristine beaches, and the perfect cottage to rent.”

8 thoughts on “Florida’s Panhandle is one of Frommer’s Top 12 Destinations of 2010

  1. Destin will always be mentioned and get recognized for it’s beauty and desired location, in the Florida Panhandle, until a self destructing Panama City Beach is willing to shake off its reputation as the largest Beer Bash City in the World.


  2. My first trip to the Panhandle was with my dad, mother and four siblings. We came down from Birmingham to Pensacola to Destin to Panama City Beach. WOW…WHAT A CAPTIVATING SIGHT!!! We simple drove through Pensacola and Destin stopping occasionally. We arrived on the Panama City Beaches around midnight and went on an awesome starlit walk on the beach. The spacious Gulf of Mexico night sky…the ocean breeze…the sound of endless thundering waves…the smell of the air around us…the beauty of that night beside the great and mighty Gulf of Mexico.. .the excitement of a dad and a mother and five little children walking and playing on this incredibly beautiful beach…the fun we shared as a family…GREAT MEMORIES !!!The next morning we all watched the inspiring sunrise…at the end of the day we watched an indescribably beautiful sunset…as a small boy, I LITERALLY FELT THE PRESENCE AND POWER OF GOD !!! I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PANHANDLE !!! IN MY MIND…PARADISE !!! That was over fifty years ago. After a thousand or more trips to Panama City Beach…I became a full time resident (twelve years ago). My experience: Panama City Beach is full of interesting people…great and friendly people…locals…all ages…and from places around the globe. And, a great place to live, love and laugh!!! Today…As I ride up and down this beach and witness the progress…and see families enjoying their vacations here…and meet new people that are moving here…and, as I walk on “THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES” at sunrise or sunset, alone and/or with my grand children…I CONTINUE TO WITNESS AND FEEL THE PRESENCE OF GOD…AND THEN, I ALWAYS THANK GOD FOR PANAMA CITY BEACH AND “THE WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES” !!! Please…COMESEEUS…experience PARADISE…GOD BLESS.


    1. Hey Big bro…you are right about the Panhandle’s Beaches, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. and you are also right ABOUT OVER 50 YEARS AGO WHEN YOU WAS A LITTLE BOY….WAY THE HELL OVER 50 YEARS AGO !!!ha ha

      Reply to bear: Bear is also right about jobs but I disagree about “DAMN THE BEACH”
      THE BEACHES ALONG THE PANHANDLE CREATES THOUSAND OF JOBS COMPARE TO AN OIl RIG OFF SHORE…how many people can you get on an oil rig ? can’t compare with thousands. God forbid but if every an oil spill from a rig….GOOD BYE BEACHES AND GOOD BYE TO THOUSAND OF LOST JOBS.


    2. Panhandle sounds so nice….been looking at Sanobel Island for a few days in June as it sounds less commercial than other FL areas….Have you been there ? If so, how do you compare it to panhandle area?


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