Get Ready for St. Andrew’s Mardi Gras Celebrations – the Final Party of the Season!

The Mardi Gras buzz is most definitely in the air, and if you were one of the 40,000 people who came out to Mardi Gras at the Beach last weekend despite the not-so-great weather, you know that Mardi Gras in Panama City is an event you can’t miss! Our local area goes all out during this colorful season, and the celebration continues to grow and become more popular each year. Panama City Mardi Gras is a good time for all, and this weekend, the festivities are wrapping up in historic St. Andrew’s, with their wildly popular and larger than life Mardi Gras celebrations.

Here’s the rundown:

Wednesday February 10th 2010

5:00 pm – A royal court appearance at Hunt’s Oyster Bar.

5:30 pm – A royal court appearance and charity gumbo cook-off at Pappy’s restaurant.

6:00 pm – New Orleans Dirge/Jazz Funeral March from Pappy’s restaurant to Uncle Ernie’s restaurant.

6:30 pm – Little Miss and Little Mr. Mardi Gras Contest (ages 5-10) at Uncle Ernie’s restaurant.

Thursday February 11th 2010

5:00 pm – A royal court appearance at Capt’s Table restaurant.

5:30 pm – A royal court appearance and charity Cajun cook-off at Granite Café.

6:00 pm – New Orleans Dirge/Jazz Funeral March from Granite Café to Shrimp Boat restaurant.

6:30 pm – Mardi Gras Costume Contest (adults 18+) at Shrimp Boat Restaurant.

Don’t miss the museum display “History & Costumes of the St. Andrew’s Mardi Gras Krewe” at the Visitor’s Center and PC Publishing Museum – Wed & Thurs 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Friday February 12th 2010

4:00 pm – Kid’s Parade and Mardi Gras Pet Parade.  Parade will be down Beck Avenue from 15th Street to 11th Street, with kids throwing to other kids along the route (beads, stuffed animals, toys and more). Adults – stand back and let the kids have some Mardi Gras fun!

Saturday February 13th 2010

1:00 pm – Krewe of St. Andrew’s 13th annual Mardi Gras Parade.  The parade starts at Oakland Terrace Park, down 11th street to Beck Avenue and then Beck Avenue to 15th street.

St. Andrew’s Mardi Gras 2010 will be a two day festival in the Oak’s by the Bay Park, with food/drink vendors, kid rides, live music and great bands performing during the day and at night.

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