Free Giveaway: Four Tickets To HAIRSPRAY at the Marina Civic Center

We’re giving away four free tickets to broadway’s big fat musical HAIRSPRAY! at the Marina Civic Center in Panama City. All you have to do is post a comment below telling us why you deserve the tickets. Do you like theater, like the Marina Civic Center or just can’t get enough of Hairspray? Tell us  in a comment and win–its that simple. The winners will be chosen by us here at PCBDaily, announced in Tuesday’s newsletter and the ticket will be waiting for you at the will-call. Post away to get free Hairspray.

Show starts February 16th one performance only.  7:30 PM at the Panama City Marina Center.

For more information call 763-4696 or go to

19 thoughts on “Free Giveaway: Four Tickets To HAIRSPRAY at the Marina Civic Center

  1. As a “Snowbirder” I haven’t seen your Hairspray, but I love musicals, and would love to receive tickets (two would do) so I could see for myself why y’all love it so.


  2. We LOVE Hairspray . We saw it at the theater, own the DVD and even dressed up as the characters for Halloween – and Tuesday just happens to be my daughter’s 16th birthday – it would be a blast to go the the show!


  3. Thanks for the opportunity to go see live theater. My husband and I love live theater, we would enjoy having tickets to see Hairspray!


  4. Some fondest memories growing up were seeing Broadway musicals with my grandparents. It’s an experience I’ve wanted to be able to share with my own daughter, but the opportunities to see a show here in the panhandle, combined with our work schedule have made it nearly impossible. Seriously, what’s better than sharing live theatre with your kids for the first time?


  5. The Civic Center does an awesome job getting good entertainment to our area. I love live plays and musicals. I would love to have free tickets to attend and take a guest couple.


  6. I want to take my daughter. She has struggled with her weight most of her school days and the kids are very mean to her. She loves to sing and in the school choir. She is really pretty good. We went to see the movie toghter and would really love to see the musical together and make those mother & daughter memories.


  7. I want the tickets for my wife. She use to live in New York were she got to see musicals alot. She hasn’t gotten to see a musical in a long time. She loves Hairspray and Grease. She is an awesome stay at home mom who works really hard. A night out away from our son with friends would be awesome.


  8. I love the “message” of Hairspray. On the surface it’s about hair and weight, but the underlying message of acceptance and is what I really love about Hairspray. It reminds me so much of growing up in Birmingham in the 60’s, and how difficult it was to have friends that were “different”.


  9. Panama City and it’s Civic Center has brought me many memories of wonderful concerts and theater entertainment. I was introduced to the creativeness of our locals who both coordinate and act in the plays in 1998 by the love of my life. It has been ten years since I’ve been to a production. I would love to go. Please sign me up.

    Love your emails to keep me informed as to what’s up in the area!

    Jan Renae


  10. We have been coming to PC for five years for your great beaches, warm hospitality and five star accomodations, but have not yet had the Marina Centre exerience. We loved Hairspray, the movie, and live theatre would top off our time here on the Beach.


  11. I love Hairspray and have been wanting to see a Broadway show forever. Every time one comes here I end up not getting to go and would love to see this one.


  12. Congrats to the giveaway winners, Donn (1:55 PM) and David (8:48 AM) for winning our giveaway! You will receive an email shortly to get a bit of information and how to pick up your tickets.

    We hope you enjoy the play and have a great time, from us here at PCBDaily!


  13. To be honest, I don’t care for it. BUT, my wife LOVES the music! And I’m in theatre, so I sure would be glad to see it, even if it’s not a favorite. But it would make her WEEK to be able to get to see it. 🙂 So I hope I”m not disqualified since I’m really posting for my wife here. 😉


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