Your Property Could Be Sold in 8 Seconds…But First…

There is so much to be excited about and write about his week, I have had a hard time making a decision. But as usual I focus on what is actually happening in my little Real Estate world. The market is still very much a buyers market so the push is on for our sellers to put their best foot forward so I thought we would concentrate on a few things that a seller can do to help their Realtor sell their home. I will only briefly remind you that price is imperative from the very beginning… not after it has been on the market for two months but from day one!!!!!!!

Here are some quick and easy and CHEAP tips:

1. The first 8 seconds are so important in making an impression. Barbara Corcoran (my RE guru) says that a person usually sizes up your property in the first 8 seconds so you really need to make a great impression. The first place to start is the entrance. I know that we have talked about this before but it is worth repeating. The yard needs to be beautifully inviting with a freshly painted front door and new hardware with a welcoming freshly swept entryway all the time. A great touch that will get people in a positive frame of mind is a beautiful arrangement of flowers by your front door!!!! It says to the customer they are happy here and I bet I an be too.

2. Your house needs to be light and bright. Put a fresh coat of paint in neutral warm inviting colors and get rid of any dark drapes that cut out the light. Some experts even say it is better to have no drapes rather than heavy room darkening drapes. In keeping with making it light and bright replace your light bulbs with 100-watt bulbs. I know that may not be eco friendly but right now I am trying to sell your house not save the planet. One of the number one things that buyers comment on is the amount or lack of light coming into a home. Dark homes rarely attract a buyer!!! Remember you are getting your home ready for the next owner and not yourself.

3. Declutter!!!!! Get rid of things and store them if you must. When you are getting rid of the madness do not neglect your refrigerator and your magnet collection. Although the home needs to have personality it does not need a magnet from every state that you have visited or all your family pics on the fridge. While we are on that subject…. pack up your personal photos and little personalized trinkets. Don’t forget to take your cute little personalized name sign out of the yard and store till you find your new home.

4. One more thing that will cost a little but may save you many dollars down the road is a home inspection. Why wait till you have a buyer to find out what may be a deal breaker. A home inspection is an inexpensive way to find out areas that you need to fix or improve upon. You can ask your Realtor whom she or he recommends.

Remember that first 8 seconds is your time to shine so getting some legwork done up front is a smart investment. One thing that I have noticed when I am working with buyers is that when they have the first impression that the house is well cared for it gives the house more value in their mind and on the opposite spectrum, when the house is a big hot mess they assume that is has less value.

Ask your Realtor what you should do to make your house shine and get those new owners happy with their (hopefully) new home. I will end as I always do by reminding you that, “ The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us” I bet many of you are on my list.

Karen K. Smith
Beachy Beach
Real Estate
“The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us”

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