New Airport To Grace Phonebook Covers

The next time you reach for your phone book to look up a local number, you’ll see the beginnings of an image you’ll come to know intimately in the near future; Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport.

More than 336,000 copies of this AT&T Real Yellow Pages directory have been produced for distribution in the area this year. Delivery is underway, and will continue through May 10. The directory also will be available to new residents and businesses throughout the year.

“We are pleased to feature the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport on the cover of our new AT&T Real Yellow Pages directory for this area,” said Barb Orton, general manager- Emerald Coast region. “We always strive to make our directory covers special on the outside and to tailor the content inside to best serve the needs of our communities. You can count on the AT&T Real Yellow Pages as your complete source of local information.”

“We are very proud of this new airport, and what it means to our region from a tourism and economic development perspective,” said Randy Curtis, executive director of Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. “I’m pleased Panama City residents will be reminded all year long as they use the AT&T Real Yellow Pages of our new airport, and how important it is to our entire area.”
The Airport Authority has set a date of May 23, 2010 for the new airport’s opening.

As new books are delivered, Panama City-area businesses and residents are encouraged to recycle their outdated directories. AT&T Real Yellow Pages directories are recyclable, and the paper used to print the directories contains recycled materials. Residents and businesses can call the AT&T Real Yellow Pages Project ReDirectory help line, listed on the directory cover, at 800-953-4400 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              800-953-4400      end_of_the_skype_highlighting for directory recycling information in this community.

4 thoughts on “New Airport To Grace Phonebook Covers

  1. Just what we need. To be reminded of a project that is overspent, not needed and an environmental disaster for generations to come, everytime I go to grab the phone book.


  2. In life we all win and loose , phone books …. a few trees down , sorry Al, not everyone is internet savvy .So give the Yellow Pages a break.


  3. Amazing that some people still see a need for phone books. They are a big waste of trees. Its amazing that we’re already 10 years into the 21st Century and they are still around. The only thing that is a bigger waste is the US Post Office. What a waste of Tax Payers money! Privatize it and be done with it.


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