Wonder No More: Update on WonderWorks/The Upside Down House

If you’ve been driving on Front Beach Road close to Wal-Mart recently, you will have no doubt noticed a rather large, oddly-shaped structure located next to Walgreen’s and opposite Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum. In case you were wondering, this imposing building is actually going to be an awesome family attraction by the name of WonderWorks, and is scheduled to be open this summer.

It’s pretty cool that WonderWorks is coming to Panama City Beach, as it is so far only featured in Orlando and Pigeon Forge, TN. Described as a combination of education and entertainment, the general theme is that of an upside down science laboratory that comes complete with a fictional back story. It was supposedly a secret science lab in the Bermuda Triangle, carried away by a massive tornado. Somehow, its experiments remained intact. These “experiments” make up over 100 hands-on, interactive exhibits. Visitors will be able to feel the force of 74mph hurricane winds, design and ride their own roller coaster, play laser tag and lay on a bed of nails, among numerous other weird and whacky things!

No word yet on prices, (Orlando charges $19.95 for adults and $14.95 for seniors and kids aged 4-12years) but WonderWorks is certainly set to be one of Panama City Beach’s top attractions and a big draw for both families on vacation and locals looking for something fun and different to do.

5 thoughts on “Wonder No More: Update on WonderWorks/The Upside Down House

  1. it’s about damn time they built anything like this for families .. i am sure the sdverage pcb family won’t be able to afford it though..


  2. I’m very proud that PC Beach is moving forward on making this a more family tourist destination. I do hope, however, that the prices aren’t so outrageous that the locals can’t afford it. Perhaps Ripley’s, WonderWorks, Shipwreck Island and even the lazer tag/mirror maze at Pier Park could offer a local discount?


  3. WonderWorks General Admission

    Admission Price:

    * Adult (13+) $19.95 (+tax)
    * Child (4-12) $12.95 (+tax)
    * Children 3 and under FREE!
    This is the prices for the one in Tenn.


  4. What about inexpensive yearly passes for residents? Many parks offer this perk so the establishment is used year round.


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