Vote NOW – Pick the best Business Expo Video

Two weeks ago the Panama City Beach’s Chamber of Commerce Business Expo raised the roof under the big top at Boardwalk Beach Resort.  This fantastic event showcased all the best businesses this area has to offer and threw in a little fun with a circus theme.  Mimes, jugglers, dancers and clowns were found wandering the creative booths that had everything from live performances to free peanuts.

Click the read more to hear about the contest and watch the videos.

We made this into a contest.

The staff at Cyber Sytes (which is also the staff of pcbdaily =)  ) was looking for a creative way to not only build relationships with our fellow business people, we also wanted to showcase those that could best display why they are awesome!   And, since I was back on staff (Jason), and I LOVE contests, I figured why not make this into one!  The winner will get a $500 shopping spree of the Cyber Sytes suite of products – including web development, social media consulting, etc.  The winner can even receive $500 in PCBDaily ads!!

So, we walked around with our video camera and asked people to tell us in the most animated way possible why they were the best at what they do.  Snarkiness was encouraged (is that a word?).

Watch the three finalists below and tell us the best one in comments.

Here was the rules.

The rules were meant to be loose and easy.  We wanted to encourage creativity and free form.

  • Needed to keep it around 30 seconds (we went over on some, but that’s ok)
  • Had to tell us who you were
  • Should be as colorful and animated as possible
    • The crazier, the more likely you would win

Over 40 videos were shot, 3 were picked as the finalists

Walking around, I literally began to go hoarse from talking, but we were able to get over 40 videos of our fellow business owners.  Almost every single one of the videos was shot on the spot with no rehearsal on the part of the “performers”.  They were doing this on the fly.  When we got back to the office, we picked 9 finalists that the staff voted on to get the top three.  Here are the 3 best videos:

So, tell us what you think!  Again, the winner will receive a $500 shopping spree of the CYber SYtes suite of services including ad space on PCBDaily.  This is a big deal for them – tell us which one is the best.  Post your opinion in comments.

Whoever has the most “votes” wins.

The voting obviously begins once this post is live,  and we’ll end it on Wednesday May 12, 2010,  Good luck everyone!

21 thoughts on “Vote NOW – Pick the best Business Expo Video

  1. OK the Beach Scene girls are easily the best here. If these were the 3 best I would love to see some of the others. They must be … challenging.


  2. I think they are all great, and it looks like everyone is having so much fun. I liked all three, but since we can only pick one, I am going to vote for the Fred Astaire Studio video as it has action and a demo to go along with it.


  3. The Dancers from Fred Astaire were the best. Dancing is an art that all should learn. They make me want to attend classes there.


  4. The Fred Astaire dancers were the only ones that came close to making me want to use their service, which I guess is the best criterion to go by.


  5. I was going to vote for the gals, but my wife gave me that look….Brrrrr.
    So I voted for the Fred Astaire video.


  6. Fred Astaire Dancing was my fav. Hope I win the $500 because I’m coming down on the 1st SW flight from BWI on May 23 and could use the retail therapy 🙂


  7. Jason, I want to know if we have a clean up committee volunter group for bay co and surrounding areas there on pcb. I have joined the volunter group but it is for ft. walton santa rosa area. Please start one for bay county around our beach. There is a 4 hour class to go to. Well i am ready so please keep us informed what and when so we can be ready if and when needed,!!!!!!!!Rene’


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