8 thoughts on “Gulf Coast Oil Spill Update: VIDEO

  1. Great report! I just left PCB on Sunday, 16th, after a 2 week stay at Moonspinner. You are absolutely correct in your report. Dave Walter


  2. THanks for the video, Jason. SO many rumors going around at there, I’m glad to see PCBdaily being proactive.


  3. For some reason, I can’t see the video or any written oil spill updates on my lap top on pcbdaily. Can someone please comment so I can read it? Is there any oil reaching PCB? I don’t think so but I can’t see. We are scheduled to come June 5th. Still coming either way, but was just wondering.


    1. There is no oil on the beach and they are saying there won’t be. My family and I come every year to PCB, and it’s a blast even off the beach. As of right now the beach is clean, and you should be able to get in the water. We’re coming up on June 4. You should be fine.


  4. I’m vacationing in PCB over Memorial Day weekend. Cna anyone tell me if you can fish from the pier and the beach still?


  5. Folks you can look forward to your vacation on our beautiful beaches, there is no “oil” anywhere near the gulf coast of florida, nor is it moving in our direction. Relax and enjoy the emerald coast!


  6. My husband and or family are all going to PCB again this year and are so looking forward to having fun in the sun and just relax…while kicking back in my chair admiring the ocean holding a corona in one hand and suntan lotion in the other and just dig my toes in the sand ill be saying to myself THIS is living! haha ..I say this every year we go! and truly mean it too.


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