The Treasure Ship – An Update

After last month’s devastating fire at Panama City Beach’s Treasure Ship, there’s still no real news to speak of, or plans for the future of this beloved landmark. I spoke to Lisa Todd, Treasure Ship owner, who said that basically it’s just too early to know anything yet. Workers are currently removing the damaged sections of the structure to make sure that it is safe and that nothing is left precariously perching, plus carpets and ceilings are being ripped out.

The process will likely take months, and then engineers will look closely at the ship and make sure it is all structurally sound. Only then will a decision be made about the future of the Treasure Ship. “We’ve been here for 32 years and and it’s hard to let go” says Todd, “but life goes on.”

Members of the community wanting to help can do so by visiting the Treasure Island Marina and supporting the charter boats that are open and ready for business. In addition, from this Friday, May 21st, the gift shop will be open and selling Treasure Ship merchandise at 25-50% off.

11 thoughts on “The Treasure Ship – An Update

  1. We live in Atlanta but have a second home in PCB-we always go to Treasure Ship for dinner each time we are there which is about 10 times a year. We really hope you can reopen the beloved Treasure Ship-we missed it last week on our visit. Good Luck!


  2. My family has enjoyed this fine establisment, each and everytime that we have visted PCB. WE are from Charlotte NC area, and we feel like this is one of the best eat out expierences in PCB. I truely hope this building is able to be saved, and re opens in all of its amazing glory. We would miss this very much, if it is unable to be rebuilt.


  3. PLEASE rebuild! We visited The Treasure Ship on our first visit to PCB last summer & was so looking forward to coming back this year!! Not sure if there is anything quite like The Treasure Ship anywhere!! Please, please, please rebuild!!!


  4. It looks like they are rebuilding to me. They already have it wrapped in scaffolding and there is new insulated siding up. After they cleaned it up the damage doesnt look as bad as I thought. I wouldve never thought after I saw it burn that it had a chance.


  5. I have been coming to Panama City Beach since the late 80″s and have always enjoyed my trips there. The TREASURE SHIP is a landmark and should be rebuilt! It amazed me the first time I saw it! My friends come there too! We have had drinks, meals and have taken great video and photo’s at the TREASURE SHIP and it would not be the same place without it!
    I am from Tupelo, Miss and all my friends from here and other places that I have sent to Panama City have always had stories about how they liked going to the Treasure Ship! Surely they will rebuild it! PLEASE REBUILD!!!!


  6. you better rebuild it. my family and i have been eating there since i was a baby and im 15 now. please rebuild it!!!!


  7. We just found out about the fire yesterday, and when my 5yr old son heard he started to cry. He loves everything pirate and ship related, when he saw the picture of the way it used to look he said he couldn’t look at it. Please rebuild!!


  8. PCB is our home away from home and we have so many memories at The Treasure Ship and were hoping to make many more. We are devasted by the fire and hope that it will soon be restored and up and running for business… pumping out that incredible food and even better atmosphere!!!


  9. My family and i traveled to PCB April 2-10 of 2010.That was my first time going to PCB in 18 years . We enjoyed our vist.My fiance did some fishing at the Jubilee deep sea fishing.Treasure Ship was right across the way.It was so beautiful.We didn’t get a chance to go aboard on the ship, I wish I had went now.WE made plans to come down in the spring of 2011 an go to Treasure Island.Please think about rebuilding it was a beautiful building and I spoke to the locals and they say it had great food.I did manage to get some great pictures of it though.


  10. WOW! I can’t believe the Ship is not there. My mom and I have been eating at the Treasure Ship since it opened. Every year, my mom and kids eat there. The kids are now 21 and 18. We started staying an extra day at the beach so we could eat at the Ship twice on our yearly beach trip. My kids don’t know PCB without the Treasure ship. Please rebuild!


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