Office Depot Opens in Panama City Beach – In 4 Weeks

Last summer, when the new Publix opened at the intersection of R Jackson Blvd and Back Beach Road, Dunkin Donuts came, along with Tropical Smoothie and a variety of other assorted shops.  Office Depot was supposed to be on the roster, but I was told that due to the downturn in the economy, they had indefinitely pulled out of this new location and were actually re-evaluating the operations of many other locations across the U.S.  Well, things must have turned around for them because their sign is back up, the inside of the space is close to being finished off and they are scheduled to open within the next four weeks.

So, will this complete the offering on Panama City Beach?  Will this be the last thing that we had to cross the bridge for that is now here on this side?  To me, yes.  To you?  Not sure (tell us in comments).  I mean, not that going across the bridge is some huge deal; I have many great friends on the other side of the bridge.  And frankly, there is a culture over there that we lack – at least for now.

It’s really all about time.  There’s only 24 hours in a day, right?  So, when we have to go across the bridge and down 23rd street to get some office supplies, then an hour easy is sucked up, if you’re fast and don’t get stuck at four red lights.

So, an Office Depot on the beach will save us time.  It will make many of us professionals on the beach that still use some office supplies a little more efficient.  We can scratch our instant gratificational itch and go get a new calendar or some file boxes in 20 minutes, as opposed to 80 minutes.  And more importantly, it’s a sign that we are still growing, even during a slightly and gradually improving down economy.

This is great news, on so many levels.  Welcome to the beach Office Depot.

8 thoughts on “Office Depot Opens in Panama City Beach – In 4 Weeks

  1. i want a Toy’s R Us and world market..then i’d never have to cross the bridge to the ‘other side’..


  2. A hospital with a receiving emergency room would be a great help…there are a lot of accidents on the beach, and a closer ER could save lifes. In a life and death situation time does matters…and a trip across the bridge takes valuable time…


  3. Great news for me! I am forever running out of printer ink or some other office supply that is not stocked at Target. At times I have had to “do without” until I could get to an Office Depot or Staples location. I’m sure I am not the only one who will be grateful for this convenience.


  4. Why would you all really care about a new office depot being opened in florida-check into what they’ve done with your state contract and then tell me how happy you are that they’ve opened. Go to Office Depot overcharges the State of Florida and see what you come up with. Buy locally!


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