New to Pier Park, Toys R Us and MORE!

Pier Park is pleased to announce two new stores, several amusement rides, and a Toys R Us Express.

“We’re so pleased to offer these new retailers, and amusements to the community and our visitors,” said Felicia Cook, director of marketing and business development at Pier Park. “With perfect timing for summer fun, these additions are another reason Pier Park is the place to be!”

The Miracle Strip @ Pier Park
The amusement area located on L.C. Hilton Jr. Drive across from the Grand Theatre offers a 1964 Allen Herschall 36-foot model carousel, featuring 30 horses and two chariots. There is also a classic 1975 Big Eli Ferris Wheel, the Balloon Race ride and the Red Baron ride with Southwest Airlines logoed planes in celebration of the new Panama City-Bay County International Airport. All rides were originals from the old Miracle Strip Amusement Park, open in Panama City Beach from 1963 to 2004, which have been fully restored for their new home at Pier Park. The shaded Pavilion area in the middle of the amusements is perfect for parents and grandparents to sit and relax while kids enjoy the rides.

The Miracle Strip @ Pier Park is currently open from noon to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends, with extended hours beginning in May. Tickets are $3.50 each, with all rides requiring only one ticket. All-Day Passes are available for $15 each, and Annual Passes are just $89. For more information, please visit or

Earthbound Trading Company
For those adventurers looking for a shopping safari, look no further than Earthbound Trading Co. This global retailer, located at the corner of Pier Park Drive and Longboard Way across from Red Brick Pizza was founded in 1994 with the goal of providing unique, eclectic products from around the world. Shoppers will find jewelry, clothing, home décor, incense, and other great gifts from around the world. For more information, visit

Break Thru Apparel
Locally owned and operated, Break Thru Apparel is a men’s clothing store that carries everything from swim wear to club wear, to underwear to skin care. Popular brands at this retailer, located near Panera Bread and adjacent to the Target parking lot, include Original Penguin, 7 Diamonds, Alternative Apparel and Gigo. Whether your style calls for a simple, organic V-neck tee or something to get noticed for a night out on the town, Break Thru Apparel has all you need for your best personal style.

Pirate’s Quest Laser Tag
Pier Park’s premier family attraction, The Emerald Coast Mirror Maze, announces the opening of its newest addition. Pirate’s Quest Laser Tag, located near Buffalo Wild Wings, is the first all digitally produced laser arena in the Southeast. State-of-the-art graphics coupled with all wireless laser guns and vests make for a truly exciting laser tag experience! Money-saving combo packages are available daily, and Pirate’s Quest Laser Tag is open seven days a week.

Toys R Us Express
Toys R Us Express is a 4200 square foot miniature version of the full blown Toys R Us.  Located in the north part Pier Park, formerly known as Town Center, this children’s paradise has a little bit of everything it’s larger brother has, with the exception of the swing sets, bikes and kids pools.  “This is sort of an experiment,” one of the employees said, “we have a lease until mid-January, and if it works, we’ll be here permanently.”

3 thoughts on “New to Pier Park, Toys R Us and MORE!

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