Ruptured Oil Well Capped, Is the Oil Spill Threat Behind Us?

More than half-way through the summer, BP has finally capped the spewing well in the Gulf of Mexico and is, at this point, preventing any more oil from spewing from the ruptured Deep Horizon Oil well 5,000 feet below the surface.  There are reports that the capping has instigated a seepage of oil in other spots, which could be terrible if confirmed, but with the first of two relief wells almost complete and set to open in just a couple short weeks, officials are hopeful that there is an end in sight to this mess.

So far, despite low numbers, the Panama City Beach summer has been fantastic.  The people that have come to our beaches have greatly enjoyed themselves and as evidenced on our Facebook page, been really grateful that they kept their travel plans.  Many that have changed or canceled their plans to the beach have regretted it.

Over the last several weeks, there have been very few instances of tarballs and oil-related product washing ashore on our beaches.  There has been some, but the 1000+ workers that can be seen walking up and down our beaches have been tasked with spotting, reporting and cleaning up any landfall immediately.  In most cases, tarballs are completely recovered within hours of their landfall.  Most visitors have no idea there was ever anything there, other than crystal white sand.

As of right now, the oil plume is around 130 miles away from our beaches.  At one point, it was as close as 20 miles away.  Easterly winds and strong currents are keeping it away from us.

We have a “robust” booming system going in at the pass at St. Andrew’s State Park that is actually a boom gate supported by huge eighteen 42 inch steel pillings that will close when the tide is coming in to prevent as much oil from coming inland as possible, should it become a more serious threat.

So, at this point, you may be asking yourself, what now? At this point, we are way outside the NOAA 72 hour area of uncertainty.  And our beaches are still remarkable.  If you are planning, or were planning a vacation down here, then you should come down here before the summer gets away from you.  You don’t have that much time left as August is right around the corner, school supplies are already on sale at Target and you’ll be glad you did when you can slip your toes into our warm, clear waters and hide some of our snow-white sand in a pocket of shorts to remember when you get home.  Wow, was that a run-on?

Get down here, enjoy our beaches.

3 thoughts on “Ruptured Oil Well Capped, Is the Oil Spill Threat Behind Us?

  1. Washington Times article [July 19, 2010 issue, page 34]
    (“Hands Across The Sand” demonstration)

    “Global alarmists’ scare tactics falling flat” by Paul Chesser
    The environmentalists’ public displays have become hackneyed and cliched. A “Hands Across The Sand” demonstration against offshore oil drilling, co-sponsered by nearly all the recognizable groups (including Greenpeace, Sierra Club and Audubon, plus and others) drew scant media attention and participation only from the activists’ marginal ranks.
    Put all the ingredients together – the Climategate deception, fraudulent scare tactics, guilt trips and stupid messaging – and the recipe flops. Americans have figured out they don’t like the taste, and they don’t believe the environmentalists when they say it’s good for their health.


  2. Is the oil spill behind us? As far as our beaches, we have never had oil on our beaches. But, is the oil spill behind us, no. Has any one read the Atlanta Journal lately? The truth is there are a lot of people, not only wildlife and beaches that have been hurt by the oil spill and very little is being done about it. Donations to charities are way way down. Our president does not even consider this situation a national disaster. Everyone I know that has filed a legitamate claim keeps having to jump through hoops for BP and in the meantime they are losing everything. Why during Katrina did Catholic Charities receive over 26 million in donations and now have only received 37,000 according to the Atlanta Journal. This is just one charity which is very big along the coast. Unemployment only pays a small portion of a person’s salary and BP is not paying claims without delay after delay. One person I know has 7 fishing boats and BP is still requesting more info. The claims are being submitted but BP keeps kicking them back for more info. That info is given to BP then you resubmit and then they want more info again. This has happened many, many times over the last two months. In the meantime, people are losing everything. I have a new small business on PCB and I know that I might not make it because of the Spill. We should be booming right now with all the factors going into this season minus BP, but PCB is hanging in there. Obama and our Governor Crist needs to get off their butts and do something for our Gulf Coast communities. If this was affecting South Florida, it would be a disaster region. BP does not work for us, our governments do! GIVE TO YOUR LOCAL CHARITIES TO HELP THOSE IN NEED ALONG THE GULF COAST.


  3. I know alot of people BP has given the run around time after time.The favorite line now is, well its not our decision anymore, the Federal Govt is now deciding who gets paid and who doesnt.My claim was in well before Feinberg and company took over the claim process, but as soon as they did take it over BP says we cant make the decision now, its up to the Feds. BP had even given me $ amounts as to how much they were going to pay me for May and Junes losses, as of now I doubt I will see anything.

    The beaches are disgusting right now, with the green slime, personally Id sooner have had a few more tar balls.At least they were getting cleaned up, the green slime will be here till a storm washes it away. Oh well Summer is over here $ wise anyways.


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