M.B Miller (aka County Pier) is Now Open

After 16 months of construction, the new County Pier is open to the public for spectators and anglers alike.  Located right off Alf Coleman Road (the road that Shipwreck Island is on), the new M.B Miller Pier is three times as long as it’s predecessor and exactly mirrors the new Russel Fields Pier across from Pier Park.

Stretching more than a quarter mile into the Gulf of Mexico, the new County Pier is already being populated by regulars that visit to fish and to watch people fish.

The structure is the exact same as the Russel Fields Pier and is constructed in such a way as to prevent as much damage as possible during a hurricane.  A similarly designed pier designed by the same firm in Pensacola withstood a fraction of the damage as the old M.B Miller Pier did in an even more direct hit during the same storm a few years ago.  This new design is expected to withstand hurricane force winds and storm surge.

Here are the rates and admission fees.

The restroom at the foot of the pier is still in tact and fully functional and a concessions area and bait shop is being built right now, expected to be complete by the end of the year.

One thought on “M.B Miller (aka County Pier) is Now Open

  1. Fantastic !!!!
    There is nothing I love any better than walking the piers later in the evening & seeing all the people fishing. They are a wonderful sight & excellent to chat with. If you plan vacations in PCB…. walk the many piers there later in the evening, enjoy the sunsets, cool breezes and talk with the people who fish there.
    Don’t forget your camera…. you never know what you might see!
    The prices are great, I would have expected them to be higher.
    I am delighted this pier is rebuilt and ready to walk on.


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