New City Park on the Beach in the Works

At a recent Panama City Beach City Council meeting, it was decided to move forward with figuring out how to obtain some Gulf-front property and build a city owned and maintained park.  This a much wanted city amenity and the city of Panama City Beach wants to take advantage of a down real estate market to snatch up some land at a good deal, if they can secure a grant to do so.

A few of the prospective properties on the board are the old Fiesta Motel site, Peeks Motel and a few other Gulf-front properties in the Beach Boulevard area.  Last year, we reported on a large piece of property being cleared by the Sunbird condo resort that was also a prospect for this project.

The next step in the process is for the city to get with the city’s grant writer to see how much, if any money can be obtained for a beach-front park.  Without the grant, it is highly unlikely that this park project can make it through the ranks.

Officials realize the importance of pursuing this now as a down real estate market will not last forever.  However, they beleive the grant exploratory process alone could take up to 1 year to complete.

15 thoughts on “New City Park on the Beach in the Works

  1. what they need to invest in is letting vendors sell out there like they do in daytona beach, fl and miami…..its sad how they treat mobile food vendors here in pcb


  2. It would be really cool to build a park with a Boardwalk. You could rent bikes and ride on the Boardwalk. They could allow a few venders to sell Burgers, Dogs, Frech Fries, Funnel Cakes, Cotton Candy etc. Make it quaint like Ocean City, Maryland was 30 years ago.


  3. I would love to see a long range plan of a boardwalk on the beach from the jetties to the west end of the beach, very much like the boardwalk on Miami beach. This would add so much to the beach enjoyment. This boardwalk could be built in sections on the beach.




    1. How can they be bored? The beach, Pier Park, mini-golf, reg. golf, racecarts, great restaurants with entertainment…Your tourists aren’t doing their homework!


  5. That is exactly what I had hoped the City of Panama City Beach would do as soon as the fence went up after the Fiesta Hotel came down. That strip of exposed beach area is so beautiful, I would hate to see it go to another huge high rise, obstructing the beach views once again from American Tax Payers. With a Park everyone in the country would still get to enjoy our beautiful Gulf Front, not just those fortunate enough to be able to afford huge condos. Go Panama City Beach!


  6. Isn’t the Fiesta location next to a wide section of dedicated beach front? If so, this would make a great location for tourists and locals alike. Use a grant for the land but watch our tax money which will be short for awhile! The cost for the Fiesta location ought to be a lot less than Peek’s which is still an ongoing business.


    1. Peeks had a problem with raidon, that is why their sale deal fell thru…..This would need to be checked on again…don’t know what, if anything was done about it


  7. This is a very lovely section of beach. I remember as a child staying there when my dad took us to PCB. Meanwhile, I’ve looked at it for years gated off & in shambles waiting to be demolished. I often wondered why no company didn’t buy the old “Fiesta” and revamp it? (guess it was too expensive)
    But, as we all know life and times roll on & what better place I believe for a city owned and maintained park. Yes, I would love to see something put there for people with small children…. small rides would be good idea if this didn’t get out of hand & perhaps hot dog/hamburger/ice cream vendors.
    The only thing you have to take into consideration is not to let anything there that will ruin the view/beach…… this is the sole purpose of making this into a park for enjoyment.
    I do have one question: There is small pull-off park located on Thomas Drive…. is this city owned and operated? If so, what has happened to it? Now, I’m not talking about St. Andrews Park… it is good but, I feel it needs some attention in areas too, esp. the picnic areas. I do love walking out on the pier and shell spotting on the beach there.
    But, this park I mentioned is up on Thomas Dr. beachside………… it is run down looking and last time I was there 2009 fall it was not accessible (closed). Is it going to be renovated?
    Should you not fix up these before starting a new park?
    Please, anyone answer… I would love to find out.
    Thank you


  8. Boardwalk great idea!!! I lived in VA Beach and their Boardwalk was a wonderful place full of activity ALL the time for ALL age groups


  9. My grandkids spent a week in PCB with me and we barely scratched the surface of things to do. What’s wrong with just a plain park and no commercial activity? It’s so pretty to just ride down FBRd and see open spaces looking out to the pretty view.


  10. A beach front park would be a complex issue … parking would be needed -for sure! But it can be done. Public parking lots along the beach would also be welcom. If the city or county bought old run down closed motels along the beach, tore them down and paved them, they could charge a few dollars every day for parking and rocover the cost in short order. Plus, what would really be cool would be a a gulf-front outdoor ampi-theatre … a large band-shell like in Daytona for outdoor concerts. Something that could hold more than the 2500 or so people that the downtown Marina Civic Center holds so we could might get bigger artists to perform here


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