Pier Park Beach is Almost Complete

A few weeks back, dirt began to be moved and sand was brought in for something all new to Pier Park in Panama City Beach.  Just across the street from the new Miracle Strip @ Pier Park, in the long-vacant and undeveloped lot, they’ve moved in 3,600 tons of crystal white sand that rivals the perfect sand we walk on, on our beaches every day.  What is the meaning of this, you may be asking yourself.  I’ll tell you.

The whole idea was to create a place where people can kick off their shoes or flops and relax and enjoy events, festivals, activities, or whatever the creatives over at Pier Park can come up with.  Picture it with me: warm sea breeze, cool tunes, smooth sand in your toes, beach chairs and food and shopping just a short walk away at any given moment.

To keep the sun at bay, large poles are being erected in which huge swaths of outdoor fabric will be stretched between to create shade structures.  If you are having issues imagining this, just jaunt on over the the Frank Brown Park aquatic center and take a peek at their shade structures.  That’s what we’ll see at Pier Park.

The beach is expected to be open on the 28th of August, just in time for the tailgate party weekend that will be raging through Panama City Beach.  Simon Property Group, Pier Park’s owners, are footing the bill for the beach, and it will play home to many fun memories in the future.

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