5 Reasons Spring Break 2011 Will Be Better Than Before

Co-op Year 2

Last year, Panama City Beach business owners took Spring Break matters into their own hands creating a cooperative after the TDC decided to no longer fund advertising for Spring Break. The co-op turned out to be a great success, creating trackable information on Spring Break students, as well as new avenues through which to communicate with, market to and eventually drive spring breakers to our shores. In year two, the co-op is already on the ball, buzzing Spring Breakers via the nearly 15,000 fans on their facebook page about deals, information and dates.

Oil Spill

It goes without saying, the oil spill’s economic repercussion bordered on catastrophic. But in it’s aftermath, the next big season for our area is without question spring break 2011. Unlike years past, the emotional mindset and local sentiment will be different. Locals and business owners alike will be grateful for the business and, in being so, provide a better service to the college students who participate in the festive few months. Any PR we get, and yes, even the not-so-good PR, will mean greater exposure and act as a reminder to anyone who still has doubts about the beach.

More Things To Do

Since last year’s Spring Break, Panama City Beach boasts a few shiny new attractions; Wonderworks, 2 new piers are open, Miracle Strip @ Pier Park and the Dune Buggy Adventure Park. What that means is that the kids have more to do, which in turn results in less time in rooms and fewer opportunities to do something stupid. Also, these new additions to the beach help stretch out the strip, making the popular cruising spot longer, dispersing the crowd by diluting it.


Although, the airport numbers are up and show a gradual increase, Panama City residents and business owners didn’t see the huge boom they  anticipated. That could all change during Spring Break. College kids can fly to Panama City Beach far cheaper than loading up in a car and driving. Although, the number of flyers might still be in the low 20% of all breakers, it will not doubt in putting more heads in beds. Not to mention, fewer cars on the road would mean a reduction in traffic as well as a reduction in car accidents.


Spring Break does one thing and it does it well: job creation. And not in recent memory has the year preceding Spring Break had such a high rate of unemployment in our area. You might not like the rowdy couple of months that come to Panama City Beach, but it can not be disputed the need for people to get back to work, as well as for people to start spending money. Spring Break 2011 seeks to do all that a could be the best Spring Break Panama City Beach has had yet.

16 thoughts on “5 Reasons Spring Break 2011 Will Be Better Than Before

  1. I cringe every time I see you all focusing on Spring Break as the answer to everything. PCB will truly become a vacation destination for families and couples when PCB starts focusing on marketing the beautiful beaches in all seasons. For example, why does PCB say the summer season is over at Labor Day? The weather in Sept and Oct is gorgeous! To us up north, it’s still summer down there! The airport is phenomenal…and the people will come. Give it a chance, we just had an oil spill. Bring more events to PCB and Pier Park such as the Jazz Festival in April or the Music Festival this fall and the people will come. And do more marketing up north and in the northeast. The Southwest commercials airing on TV are fabulous publicity for PCB.


    1. It’s so true about northerners vacationing in August, September and October. I was surprised to be in PCB in August (one of our most popular vacation months for families) and find the kids in PCB going back to school and the whole beach to ourselves! Even discounts! With SWA offering flights from STL and Chicago, there should be more marketing of the area up north, especially August.


  2. Spring break is why we are purchasing our next condo a few miles away where it is more peaceful. Just couldn’t take it anymore.


  3. That is one of the reason we are on the far eastern end of the beach plus our condo is unavailable until Spring Break is over.
    I certainly would not consider a condo in one of those complexes that are actively promoting and offering deals for Spring Breakers to stay there. Guess they figure a drunk and destructive “head in the bed” is better than no head at all. (I know they are ALL not destructive but your chances of damage during this time are pretty good)


  4. Back in ’96 & ’97 we were right in the middle of Spring Break. Simply google my name and look at what pops up on the second or third page if you are curious. Now, we have graduated from Spring break mayhem to better things. Eco tourism is hot. Anyone want to move forward with the “Jim Fowler” theme park idea? It would fit in nicely up on 388 or 79 near West Bay.

    Best to you all!

    Jim Broaddus


  5. The only reason I even knew PCB existed was because of Spring Break. I came with my friends here back in 1997 and fell in love with the beach. Now i have a family of my own and bought a condo here. Spring Break is not the problem with this area. I would rather have the College kids then some of the bikers that come here. Just my opinion.


  6. Panama City Beach’s stance on Spring Drug & Drunk Fest is a joke! PCB authorities state that we are going to be a family oriented. Really? The families that bring there kids during Spring Break will bad mouth PCB to every other family they know.
    PCB future is doomed to tattoo shops, porn shops, head shops, drive through liquor stores, no side walks, & run down buildings unless some real leaders get off their rears. Does PCB leadership think that they can luxury family destination, & a low rent drug infested/drunk fest at the same time? You can’t be fine dining & a roach coach at the same time. It a shame as Pier Park, the beaches & the airport are great, but the other 90% is trash. Get rid of the Spring Breakers!


    1. Hi,
      My name’s Derek Miller and I’m a TV producer for the Canadian current affairs show, W5 (www.ctv.ca/w5). It’s Canada’s most-watched newsmagazine, with a million viewers. I’m working on a story on Spring Break in Panama City Beach. Why? Because more Canadian students go there for SB than any other hot destination. I ready your comment with interest. City council and the police have ignored my requests for interviews, so I’m forced to look for people who can honestly critique the effect students have during SB.
      Are you able to send me your email? Or perhaps suggest some people who I might want to talk to?
      I appreciate it.


  7. As a business owner in PCB that covents and appreciates Spring Break (The Family Kind of Spring Break), I anxiously await our destination to grow up and become a bit more sophisticated and find ways to market to family spring break instead of college spring break. Year after year I speak to those families that brave PCB during the college invasion. The majority of those first timer families to the area say “they will not come back again because of what college spring break brings to area”.


  8. We vacation in PCB each year and would love to bring my 4 kids there for their spring break, but we know we cant. If PCB would focus less on the college type spring break and focus more on a family friendly one they would see the revenue they need. Who do they think will spend more money there my family of 6 for dinner each night or college kids buying beer. By the way my husband and I buy beer to but we also feed and entertain our kids the whole time we are there.


  9. The current style of spring break is what is holding PCB back from really reaching its potential. A quick buck in March and our reputation suffers the rest of the season.


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