Bay Point Marriott to Once Again be Venue for Thunder Beach 2010 Rally

This fall’s Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally takes place in just a couple more weeks – starting Thursday, September 30th and wrapping up on Sunday, October 2nd. As was the case with this year’s spring rally, the Bay Point Marriott Golf Resort & Spa will once again play host to this autumn’s rally, a move that will undoubtedly continue to surprise some. However, if you are a concerned Bay Point resident or local and you didn’t get a chance to see the layout for yourself back in May, here’s a couple of things to bear in mind. The venue is contained entirely within the grounds and convention rooms of the Marriott itself and does not take place anywhere else in Bay Point. Bikes enter and exit the venue at the Marriott entrance only and so there is no motorcycle traffic throughout the residential area. And being a newer venue and a few miles off the beach, there is no overcrowding or excessive noise. In fact in my humble opinion, the event was well organized and actually seems like a really great spot for bikers to get away from the crowds and enjoy a wide variety of vendors, custom bike shows, live music and entertainment.

When I talked about this issue back before the last rally in May my article was met with a great deal of negative feedback, mainly because I think it was hard for people to put “Thunder Beach” and “Bay Point” together, and the pairing was the last thing anyone expected. But after seeing the venue for myself and talking to some of the bikers, I believe that this could be a really good fit, and I’m hoping that this fall, the Bay Point Marriott Resort venue is just as successful and everyone has a great time.

Other Thunder Beach 2010 Fall Rally venues are: Sharkey’s, Pineapple Willy’s, Club La Vela, Shoppes at Edgewater, Laketown Wharf and Frank Brown Park.

***Hot off the Press – While the brand new Harley Davidson store won’t be open in time for this year’s rally – Harley Davidson told us it is expected to open early 2011.***

For more details, go to the official Thunder Beach Website.

One thought on “Bay Point Marriott to Once Again be Venue for Thunder Beach 2010 Rally

  1. My husband and I were re-married last year during “Bike” week 9/21/2009.
    We weren’t bothered by the people or the noise……. now getting out on the roads was crowded. This year we oped to come to PCB the week before Bike Week…… It is interesting to see all the bikes and bikers old & young riding up 98 but, this time we want a more quiet vacation. (smile)
    Good Luck to them, hope we all have a good time!


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