RocknRoll Transit Offers Much Needed Shuttle Service to New Airport

If you are lucky enough to be flying in or out of the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport then you will undoubtedly be enjoying the benefits of this great facility – including low-cost fares, new gateway destinations and the state-of-the-art terminal buildings. However there’s one drawback for those without wheels.

If you don’t live locally and are not renting a vehicle, your options for getting to and from your business or vacation destination are pretty limited. There are cabs of course, but they’re not cheap, and because Panama City Beach is not one of Florida’s larger vacation destinations (yet!) we don’t yet have an extensive shuttle system in place such as at some of the other major airports.

There is good news though for those needing an airport shuttle – RocknRoll transit is the first to offer exactly that – and it is just about as far from an “ordinary” airport shuttle as could be! Not only do you get an air-conditioned, handicap accessible bus ride, but the shuttle comes complete with karaoke, pop trivia, guitar hero, music, entertainment and the chance to win fun prizes along the way!

I spoke to the guys at RocknRoll Transit and they said that basically their goal is to provide a shuttle service that is not out to rip anyone off, just to start your trip out in a fun and memorable way. They want to offer a service that is unlike anything else and that people will enjoy and use again and again each time they visit Panama City Beach.

The cost for the airport shuttle is $10.00 per person ($20.00 round trip) with a $20.00 minimum fare. (Click here for route map). So I have a feeling that whether you are in Panama City Beach on vacation on for business, this would be a great way to get to start your trip and get to your hotel or condo. Talk about a ride to remember!

Check out the RocknRoll Transit Website or Call for More Details at (850) 890 6176

3 thoughts on “RocknRoll Transit Offers Much Needed Shuttle Service to New Airport

  1. Hi:

    I am trying to get from the airport (ECP) to the Carillon Beach Resort. I saw the fare listed here as $20 round trip, but when I called, it was $90 round trip.

    Is the $20 fare only to a certain location or stop? Thanks for your help!



  2. BEWARE giving any of your business to Rock & Roll Transit! They will miss airport pickups and leave you struggling for alternative arrangments. And on top of that, they have absolutely no accountability and horrible customer relations.

    I had a flight early Christmas Eve to go spend time with my family. I had reserved and pre-paid an airport pickup for my 7AM flight. I received confirmation for a pickup between 5AM and 6AM and never heard from Rock & Roll Transit again. They DID NOT pick me up, they DID NOT answer their phones, and they DID NOT call me back. Fortunately I was able to get myself to the airport by 6:45AM and barely made my flight.

    I have now spent a month trying to get answers and refunds from Rock & Roll Transit. They issued a credit to my card and emailed me saying the office would get back to me. But they didn’t so much as apologize. I never received my promised contact from the office. I called a couple weeks later and spoke with someone (did not get the name) who felt bad for the incident and said he would find out what had happened and PROMISED to call me back. Never received that call back. I have only been trying to inqure on my $45 parking charge and possible gas reimbursement — nothing unreasonable.

    Finally today I wrote another email stating I am still waiting to hear back from them. In response, Eric Ricks called and spewed out a rapid-fire response about them issuing the refund to my credit card and how I had since scheduled two reservations since (which I hadn’t) and not shown up (because I hadn’t scheduled) and that they would not serve me anymore or offer me any more money. He said if I had problems with that I could take it up with their lawyer and they would no longer communicate with me. He hung up on me despite my attempts to seek clarification on the additional reservations.

    If Rock & Roll Transit is supposed to be the save-all for Panama City Beach airport transportation, we are surely doomed. This irresponsible and downright rude company does not deserve the business of locals or tourists. I hate to see how many more people’s vacations and trips they ruin with missed pick-ups.


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