Top 5 Trending Articles for Summer 2010

This was a crazy summer in a variety of ways in Panama City Beach.  With the summer tourism season being kicked off with a massive fire on Thomas Drive to our whole industry being devastated by a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, our traffic exploded, our newsletter subscriptions went through the roof and we had some of the most record breaking trending articles we’ve ever seen.

  1. UPDATE: Panama City Beach Currently NOT On Oil Spill Trajectory Map – 162,000 pageviews, 335 comments
  2. Panama City Beach Oil Spill UPDATE: No Oil Here Yet – 30,000 pageviews, 102 comments
  3. PICTURES: Tarballs Make Landfall in Panama City Beach Over Weekend – 20,000 pageviews, 55 comments
  4. WonderWorks OPENS in Panama City Beach – 7,300 pageviews, 8 comments
  5. PHOTOS: First Lady Michelle Obama Gets Our Sand In Her Toes. – 5,700 pageviews, 44 comments

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