Grub at Hook'd at the Foot of the City Pier

UPDATED:  New to the Russell Fields Pier, right across from Pier Park, Hook’d is now open and has been the great dining pleasure of thousands already.  I was hearing about their good food, easy-going atmosphere and superb location before I even had a chance to swing by and get a fish sandwich.

Well, Tuesday of this week, my wife and I did just that.  Well actually, I got the fish sandwich, she got a salad that was beautiful and delicious.

I tell you, if you want truly Gulf-front dining, this is the place to be.  The warm salt air refreshes you as you wait for your food, and you have a perfect view of the sunset.  The drinks are cold, the food hot and you just can’t beat the location.

Hook’d isn’t goaled at being fine dining, but rather a sandwich cafe.  They have a fully stocked bar, a well versed menu and a view that compares to almost nothing else on Panama City Beach.  And the fish sandwich I got was amazing.  Everything from the fish to the kaiser roll was finger-licking good.  Pricing was more than fair and the service was quick and great (thanks Cady).

Here is their full menu (click to enlarge)

Locally owned and operated, they are open daily for lunch at 11 am.  Check them out when you get a chance, tell Daniel the Manager I said hello, and ask for Cady, she was superb.

9 thoughts on “Grub at Hook'd at the Foot of the City Pier

  1. Hook’d has grouper now and it AMAZING! Everything they have from food, drinks, employees, and atmosphere is just fitting for the location! I suggest to swing in with the kids when you get on or off the beach for something great for everyone! I also recommend to go by in the evening for the beautiful sunset, lighting, mood, and music.


  2. Yes, the grouper sandwich is the best I have ever had! I have eaten a lot of grouper in my many years on this earth and I will say I was very impressed with this sandwich! The fried pickles are AWESOME as well!


  3. We got to eat there for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it was wonderful. The view was superb, as was the grouper sandwich. They had no problem making changes to our order. I requested toasted sourdough bread instead and it was excellent. I highly recommend Hook’d, which is what this article is about!


  4. This looks like a great spot and we look forward to checking it out in a couple weeks when we return to our PCB condo. I’m sure Margaritaville, Back Porch and Guy Harvey’s aren’t quite as thrilled. Do we really need another bar and grill in that area? Are they all doing that well? I am assuming that the Hook’d location is leased and perhaps even run by the municipality. It kinda reminds me of the local golf course operator who tries to compete with municipally owned golf courses in close proximity and not necessarily always on a level playing field. Competition is good. I just hope there are enough customers for all to flourish.


  5. let the best man win I say!

    I thought at first, great! another tourist trap specifically for tourists… But I’ll give it a chance first after all the rave reviews.


  6. My favorite grouper was at Gracie Ray’s! Fantastic! I cannot wait to get back to the beach in a couple of weeks. No restaurant in Kentucky knows how to grill or fry seafood the way the restaurants do in PC Beach. Yum, yum…..looking forward to some Amberjack too!


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