CNN Ranks Panama City in Top 5 Value Destinations for Winter Travel

In an article released by CNN Travel on November 2, Panama City Florida was ranked 1 in 5 destinations rated as a great value for winter travel.  Among exotic destinations such as Costa Rica and Peru, this publicity comes as a welcome treat after a summer of media batterings from the oil spill threat.  This article is consistent with what many have known to be true about our area for years, decades even – we have amongst the perfect winter vacation spot.  Mild weather, clear blue skies, and amazingly beautiful and emerald green waters framed by pristine, white sandy beaches make Panama City Beach a quaint, ideal vacation spot for winter travelers.

The snippet about Panama City Beach reads:

PCB is not just for spring breakers. Indulge in shopping, helicopter tours, or spend a day at Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum.

With highs in the 60s even during winter, there’s always something to do in Panama City. Florida also boasts another destination with good values during winter break: Orlando, Carlson said.

Many of the major attractions in the area offer deals this time of year. You can avoid the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds right after the New Year’s holiday, when theme parks often reach capacity.

The Panama City Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau just released this press release in response to this recent accolade.

On the heels of three great weekend events, a recent article  announced Panama City Beach /Panama City as one of the five value destinations for winter travel, noting that  “With highs in the 60s even during winter, there’s always something to do in the area.“

This past weekend brought travelers from all over the world to Panama City Beach for Ironman Florida.  According to event organizers, there were 2, 851 athletes registered for the event.  The field represented 47 different countries with ages ranging from 18-81 years old.  Visitors also arrived for Taste of Bay, which included a free Clint Black Concert on Friday and another well attended event on Saturday, Visit Florida’s Great Beach Walk.

The fun continues this week with Emerald Coast Cruizin’, a premier show of classic automobiles, muscle cars, street rods and custom builds, taking place November 11-13 at Frank Brown Park. Admission is $10.00 per person per day and there is also a three day pass available for $25.00.  Children under 12 years of age are admitted free. There will be over 3,000 automobiles exhibited, 125 automotive vendors in attendance with a swap meet and car corral.

I know Panama City Beach is great for winter travel, but tell us what you love about the winter time in Panama City Beach, and tell us your favorite thing to do.

Click here to read the original CNN article.

3 thoughts on “CNN Ranks Panama City in Top 5 Value Destinations for Winter Travel

  1. When is PCB going to change their image from the Spring Break Drugfest to a family oriented destination? Answer? Never, until a push is made to clean up the head shops, strip joints, sex shops etc… Look at the landscape & traffic turnouts required of the condos and Pier Park. However tons of business don’t even have paved parking or grass. Look who got special treatment for an new loud outdoor bar, Shuckums has oyster shells for a parking lot…classy along with the wooden camel. In addition, they don’t have to comply with the noise ordiance across the street from sleepless condo owners. Grow up PCB!


  2. We are from Nova Scotia, and despite all the complaining about spring breakers and various kinds of clubs, I feel there is room enough and something for everyone. Our stay is from Dec. until end of March. Frequent walks on the beach, visiting various attractions and communities nearby, with occasional trips to other parts of Florida using PCB as headquarters, makes it an ideal place to stay. It is relaxing and fun to be accepted as part of the community by everyone. A highlight would always be a trip up and down the beach with Panhandle Helicopter. (¯`·._.·ns¢ävË·._.·´¯)


  3. PCB is a wonderful “Winter” spot for travelers to vacation in and beat the harsh weather of upper state Northerners or Mid-state people.
    PCB is easy to drive to or now fly into. Many condo owners offer exceptional rates for winter travelers or older couples who wish to stay a month or several.
    They need to remember that although PCB is beautiful, sunny & has the white sandy beaches/ocean that in fact it will get cooler temps. You will need to bring light sweathers, fleese jackets and running pants. There are many wonderful sunny days to enjoy in PCB in the wintertime.
    Wonderful walks along the shoreline, going out on all the fantastic piers from St. Andrews Park all the way up Hwy. 98.
    * I wish I were there now!!!

    Thank you, Cathy/Tennessee


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