Guide to PCB Daycares

Being a new mother who recently transplanted to Panama City Beach, I found myself facing the daunting questions of the Modern Mom:

  • Should I go back to work?
  • How do I feel about putting my son into a Daycare?
  • Which one should I pick? How many are in our area?
  • How many are cost effective, but offer exceptional qualifications?

In this run down, I’m going to explore daycare options in Panama City Beach.  Read on if you’re interested and don’t forget to share it with everyone you know if you find it usefull – here is the link:

These questions and more constantly rattled around my noggin, usually ending with the same conclusion – it sure would be a lot easier if I had some help, someone to ask who was familiar with the area or had some type of Cheat Sheet they could share with me. Now, I realize this coveted Cheat Sheet isn’t the most important thing in the world. I’m aware that it’s not going to end world hunger, or hold the power to getting those Jersey Shore kids off air – but for me, it would help ease a little part of our transition.

During  the process of settling in to life here,  I finally gave up hope that some mighty Daycare Guide was planning on falling out of the sky, and reluctantly knew I’d have to hit the pavement on my own. In the month that followed, I scoured the mighty interwebs (ok, virtual pavement) looking for websites, forums, lists, parental commentary – anything that would give me a rounded idea of what PCB had to offer. Unfortunately, very little information was available online. So, with motivation remnant of Sherlock, I secured my mini-Watson into his car seat and did something inconceivable in this age of Google, we physically explored the area ourselves.

Shocking, I know.

Here’s an easy reference point for others regarding Panama City Beach Daycare Facilities, at least the one’s I could find.

Surfside Daycare (12017 Panama City Beach Parkway, 850-249-4444)

St. Bernadette Child Development Academy (1214 Moylan Rd, 850-230-0009)

PCB Academy & A New Beginning (16910 Innocente Ave, 850-234-0929) *more information below

Appletree Academy (7221 Patronis Dr, 850-233-3884)

Beachkids Academy  (850-230-6271)

Gulfbeach Christian Academy (17001 Hernando Ave, 850-234-3009)

Learning Tree II Child Development Center ( 7101 Big Daddy Dr, 850-234-0210)

Church at the Beach (10620 Hutchinson Blvd, 850-234-8892)

There was one Daycare that stood out from the rest and needed an honorable mention here:

PCB Academy & A New Beginning (16910 Innocente Ave, 850-234-0929) The adorable cottage and creative flare is the first thing you notice. After entering the PCB Academy, the most notable noise, was singing. One class was singing the months of the year, and another class was chatting happily with enthusiastic encouraging from (I’m assuming) the groups teacher. The staff was in full motion, gearing up for snack time, but all looked relaxed and confident in there movements. Every single adult greeted my little guy, instantly putting him at ease. Which is a big high point to a parent who’s been worrying about socializing a stay-at-home tot. A New Beginning is the younger section to the Pre-K PCB Academy. They offer PT & FT, along with reasonable rates. On a personal note, I’m pretty sure my Son actually chose this school considering how he wiggled out of my arms, and into one of the classrooms, where he was promptly invited to sit down and have snacks with the other kids.

3 thoughts on “Guide to PCB Daycares

  1. Nice photo guys!
    Are you sure the kid pictured isn’t excited to see something else?!
    His body language and finger positioning is quite amusing.
    Just an observation — that’s all.


  2. My son has attended PCB Academy for several years. I have to agree that it is something VERY special. It’s wonderful to go to work each day knowing that your child is happy and in a great place. He learned both sign language and Spanish. PCB gave him the foundation to a wonderful education and made my life much less stressful. He could hardly wait to get to school each morning. He still attends each afternoon after “real” school. And every afternoon, I pick up a very happy child. Thank you PCB Academy for all you do for our kids.


  3. Glenda, I agree with you 100% My Son has recently started at New Beginnings, and the teachers have made mine and his transition, amazing. The staff has been incredibly helpful, with tips and reassurance on his day-to-day activities, likes/dislikes, naps, everything. Plus, every morning I drop him off, the teachers are SO enthusiastic to see my son that I’m able to leave there and head to work, feeling confident that he’s in good hands. Personally, I NEVER thought I would be ok with him being in Daycare, but this experience has truly put me at ease and well…. I’m still in shock haha. (in shock, but grateful!)


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