Airport to Double Parking Lot Size

The new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport had record breaking numbers this past summer, despite local difficulties.  We had tons of traffic coming in, but we also had more traffic going out than we’ve ever seen here before.  In fact, the number of people going out far exceeded expectations, so much so that the parking that was developed was not sufficient and the airport was forced to open temporary parking adjacent to the existing parking lot.

In an October Airport Board meeting, it was decided to increase the size of the parking with the goal of having it in place by Spring Break 2011.  One of our readers turned us onto the plans that have been published for bid.

The existing parking lot at the new airport has just under 1100 parking spots, with roughly 45% apportioned for long-term parking, 20% for short-term parking and the remaining for rental cars and employee parking.  From what I can gather from the plans, it shows that the new parking lot addition should roughly double the available parking.

3 thoughts on “Airport to Double Parking Lot Size

  1. That is great news! I’ve had to allow extra time going to the airport for finding a parking spot then walking to the terminal.

    As for the plans, they are kinda hard to read.


  2. Who was the genius that decided that there should be a nature center between the parking lot and the terminal? There should be no need to have to walk 1/8 of a mile to get from the parking lot to the terminal. The marsh land between the terminal and the parking lot should be filled in and the area used for parking. Does anyone realize how far it is from short-term HANDICAPPED parking to the terminal? I don’t wnat to think about long-term. Will they provide a scooter and a luggage cart? How about at least a moving walkway?
    Or free valet service? Or………..


  3. I’m just glad the biggest problem is “not enough” parking and army worms eating the grass. I guess all the people who said moving the airport for a longer runway was a “bad idea and would make no difference in the amount of air traffic”, will eventually have to agree the move is a huge success. That is unless their agenda was to stifle growth and future prosperity for this entire area. The ample room to expand on airport land and surrounding St. Joe Land is also major for our area’s ability to land some major industry, which will eventually HAVE TO bring more jobs to the area for locals and their children.
    St. Joe moving their corporate headquarters here will have a net positive impact on the area, even if ALL the employees are transplants from Jacksonville. Think of the salaries those folks will be spending in our local businesses and the positive impact they will have on the real estate market by purchasing homes and investment properties. If the airport relocation and Pier Park had not been held up for several years, due to local politics, then, in my opinion, our real estate market would be much farther along into recovery than it is currently.


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